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Advantages of using Turnkey Solutions for your Current Business

by Sherine Mariam

Do not confuse it with “turning a key” but is quite similar to the concept. Turnkey products or turnkey solutions are products or services designed and built to a fully operational form such that it is ready to operate. You install the system and open it to start working on, just like a key to open a door. Traditionally, the term “turnkey” was used by construction companies where a building contractor completes the construction of a project for the buyer to utilize it thereafter.

Turnkey Software Solutions for Existing Business

Select the Apt Enterprise Software Solution for your Business

When it comes to your existing business, as for every other business, to go online what would you like to implement in your business? Whether to build a custom software comprising of all the features that your business requires or to purchase a ready-to-use turnkey solution? Enterprise software solutions can be classified broadly into two categories:

  1. Custom made or On-the-shelf business software
  2. Turnkey or Off-the-shelf software

For a brief comparison, a custom made software when compared to a turnkey solution will have all the business needs included but will require a higher time period for design and implementation and can also cost the company a huge investment. Here is where off-the-shelf software solutions or turnkey solutions in simple terms is beneficial. Let us discuss the advantages of turnkey solutions in detail.

Advantages of Off-The-Shelf Software Solutions

Easy Implementation

The biggest advantage of turnkey solutions is that they are easy to implement even on an existing business. It will be priorly set to start operating on the completion of installation. The system will have an amalgamation of different features from billing, accounting, website design, or even content management.


Creating a fully customized software can cost you a high expense due to the requirement of software building platforms and professional developers. If you are on a limited budget, then turnkey software solutions are your best option. Since they come in a package providing all the basic features that your business requires, turnkey solutions are the quickest and budget-friendly choice for your business.

Off-the-Shelf Software Solutions for Business
Time constraints

Building a fully customized software will require a great deal of time for successful execution. You will have to check for the availability of the designers and developers and schedule the project execution accordingly. Off-the-shelf software solutions have its pro here as well. Since they are ready to use solutions all you need is to buy the software and run the file and off to work!

Limited Technical Know-How

If your business team does not have a strong team of programmers or development specialists, implementing a turnkey solution is easier. This will save you time and budget when compared to the process of hiring a software developer or a team with the caliber of delivering you the best solutions within a confined time period.

Analysis, Service and Customer Support

The solution provider will always be available to support the business owner from step one. They will analyze your business requirements and note down all the major points to be covered by the software and will finally select the best turnkey software solution for your existing business. They will also render quality service and support at all times. They will provide the users with initial training on how to use the software effectively.

Help desk Software - Customer Experience
Technical Support

During issues regarding the working of the software or any bugs, Turnkey solutions providers are known to provide faster and reliable technical support. Since, they have a larger team of professionals working on the software, the absence of one developer will not affect the debugging process whereas this can be crucial in the custom-developed software.

Updates and Upgradations

Turnkey software solutions will have regular upgradations or version updates to stay close enough with the latest technologies. The users will be notified of the new version or extension updates in order to update them on your existing platform.

Now, here arises another question. Apart from these pros, even off-the-shelf solutions also have its divvy of cons. Some of the most prominent ones are as follows.

  • The software can at times miss out on certain features that you require for your business.
  • The software might have extra features that are of no use for your business.
  • There can be miscellaneous charges for service and maintenance, licenses and even upgrades.
  • Limitations in customizations.
  • Lack of scalability when compared to the growth of your business.
  • Compatibility issues when used on your existing infrastructure or platform.

It is here that open-source software scripts such as the products of iScripts become helpful. This forms an extension to the different enterprise software solutions. Such scripts can be categorized as customizable off-the-shelf software solutions. This will provide you with a comfort level where the turnkey solution misses out on certain features vital to your business. The customizations can be done by employing a developer or even can be done by the turnkey solution providers as well. Let us have a look at some real-life scenarios and how custom off-the-shelf or turnkey solutions can be implemented to improve the customer experience in those businesses.

Real-Life Applications for Turnkey Solutions

On-Demand Marketplace

If you are planning on to start with an on-demand business venture like a taxi service, gym training facility, mobile parlor facility, etc, you can use an Uber for X software script such as iScripts UberforX. The software also comes up with a mobile version of the script which will help in reaching your business to a wider audience through smart devices.

Online Food Delivery Service

Planning on to extend your restaurant chain to a wider audience? One of the best solutions will definitely be food delivery services. With the high demand for online food delivery options beginning from the pizza deliveries to the present-day champions Uber Eats, Swiggy and Zomato apps, online food delivery can be highly effective for better branding. Using an online restaurant delivery software script such as iScripts NetMenus will be an instant solution for your business requirement.

Online Food Order and Delivery Software

Order Tracking and Delivery Platform

Last Mile delivery systems are booming. So if you’re into investing in a similar business venture or crowdsourced delivery services, the very first step to execute is to select a professional order tracking and delivery platform. One such software is the iScripts LocoLogic. The software is an open-source script which will aid in customizing the software according to your business requirements.

Online Web Store Creation / Build an eCommerce Website

A very common business nowadays, isn’t it? But for the business to be a well-known brand or bring in good profits you will definitely require a good website. A shopping cart, proper billing facility, help desk feature and so on are some of the must include features in your website. iScripts provides turnkey solutions for creating your custom e-commerce websiteor an online web store to sell your products.

Online Shopping Cart Turnkey Solution

Customer Help Desk

Customer Satisfaction is the key to a successful business. To achieve this it is essential to have a helpdesk feature for your website that can be accessed from all pages. Keeping in direct touch with your customers and regular follow-ups are some top factors in generating happy customers. iScripts SupportDesk is one such a turnkey software solution that you can add to your existing business for interacting easily with your clientele.

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