iScripts PrintLogic Models And Use Cases

As the site administrator, you control all design, print and website operations. Access the administrator panel to add and manage products and set site settings to fit your business model. Choose how to run your print and design business online by exploring your available options provided by the software

CustomInk Model offers an online service allowing users to create and order their own professional screen printed t-shirt, cap or other printable item. iScripts PrintLogic includes the same features and functionality available on CustomInk. Users have the option to select and adjust text, images, clipart, sizes, colors, fonts, rotation, and other special effects applied within the printable area of each product. Rather than create a design from scratch, users can also select from any premade templates you decide to offer. iScripts PrintLogic also supports multi-sided printing for personalized team jerseys. After visualizing product designs, users can share them across social networks or place orders using multiple payment gateways and shipping options integrated within the software.

Non-eCommerce Model

If you would like to speak to customers directly before completing an order, you may disable the shopping cart functionality and run your site on a quote-only mode. In this scenario customers will still be able to design products, but rather than paying online, they will request a quote. You may contact customers directly via or phone to manually enter information directly into the system and complete the order. You also have the option of using both ecommerce and quote methods together if you have specific products or order types you would like to handle manually. This model is used by printers who normally sell bulk volumes to local customers.

Additional Printing Models

Create a website for your woodworking, engraving or laser etching business. The software is designed for t-shirt makers and screen printers, but it can also be used for to support additional web-to-print businesses like vinyl printing, laser etching and more.

Client Testimonials

Software to Enhance Your Printing Business

There is an increased need for printing businesses to set up shop on online. This includes catering to the market by offering custom design options, templates, jersey printing, text manipulation, image upload functionality and more.

We developed iScripts PrintLogic with print shops and their customers in mind. Our affordable software includes the most up-to-date technology and features while also being very easy to set up and use on a daily basis.

iScripts PrintLogic is a complete online design and printing solution that allows your site visitors to easily customize t-shirts, caps, mugs, bags, plaques or any other type of printable product offered by your business or vendors. Designing is made easy with an intuitive interface and drag-and-drop features. After users create designs, multiple high resolution, print-ready files and vector images are produced. PDF, TIFF, EPS, PNG and JPG file formats at 300 dpi are automatically generated by the software ready for printing or touch up. This solution is beneficial for all web to print business including screen printing, transfer printing, and embroidery.

Launching Your Design and Print Website

iScripts PrintLogic makes creating your own professional online design and printing business easy and quick. After purchasing the iScripts PrintLogic design and printing script, you will add your logo, site content, products, clipart and optional templates directly into the system. This process is very straightforward and can be accomplished within just a few clicks. If you have your own products you may add them, as well as contact vendors you think will fit well with your printing business. Make sure you offer products that will fit with your site theme while also peaking customer interest. You may start marketing your online print shop to potential customers when you feel the site is ready.

The iScripts PrintLogic Advantage

Create a new business or expand your existing print shop with iScripts PrintLogic. Stay competitive in a market where customers are becoming increasingly accustomed to sites like CustomInk and Vistaprint. The iScripts PrintLogic software gives you the ability to

  • Stay competitive by offering custom design and printing options for your customers
  • Streamline printing by using the website's ability to automatically generate multiple high resolution, print-ready files and vector images at 300 dpi and above
  • Reduce the time and cost spent developing and maintaining a professional design and print ecommerce website using this turnkey software and its automated processes
  • Supports multiple t-shirt vendors
  • You can touch up final image before if you choose
  • Support various ordering methods that match your products and business model
  • Along with selling customizable products, you can gain additional profits by charging a small fee for multiple colors and/or by offering pre-designed templates
  • Backend operations are customizable based upon your business
  • Put customer satisfaction to work with feedback and community pages where users can make suggestions and share positive experiences with your business
  • Operate your site using various payment currencies and online gateways
  • Manage your online commerce site using hassle-free shipping and tax integration

iScripts PrintLogic Includes

  • AJAX Based Design Studio for Users
  • Users Can Upload Images
  • Front & Rear Editor Options
  • Advanced Text Manipulation
  • Multiple Output Files
  • Bulk Product Upload
  • Multi-Sided Printing
  • Multiple Site Themes
  • Powerful & Easy Administration Panel
  • Easy Setup with Installation Wizard
  • Supports Fixed & Customizable Designs
  • SEO Friendly URLs
  • Support Promo Codes for Sales
  • Add Texture and Paint Bucket feature in editor
  • Supports Product Design Templates
  • Customizable Homepage
  • Fully Integrated eCommerce Store
  • Facebook/Twitter Integration
  • Support for Popular Payment Gateways
  • Custom Printing Instructions For Each Item
  • Admin Can Upload Fonts & Clipart
  • Unlimited Categories & Products
  • iPhone/iPad Compatibility
  • Open Source PHP Code
  • Responsive Themes
  • Tiered Pricing for Volume Purchases
  • Zoom Functionality

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