iScripts GroupDeals Models And Use Cases

iScripts GroupDeals is a deals platform for schools, organizations, nonprofits, and churches. Vendors can offer special deals to the organization members through the vendor portal. Members can find and redeem deals through the mobile apps. This can be considered as the modern replacement for the coupon book for fundraising. As the site owner, you control all the access levels and major operations within the website. You can add vendors who wish to do business with your users, create access levels, add deals, and manage reports. The major feature is to create campaigns and send notifications to alert users. Both IOS and Android mobile apps are available where all the offers and deals can be seen, and users can easily claim these deals.


The Website admin can create the vendor/business users to start their business with this system. They can create other access to its employees, and generate reports. Vendors or Business users are the major user level who joins with this system. Vendors can create the business, add the categories, and deals corresponding to each category. They can create a usual deal, exclusive deals, and campaigns. This user can also get reports.


This model works for members of a single organization. You add different deals from local merchants. Your users pay a one time or monthly subscription to access the deals. Typically this model is done as a fundraiser for a school or church.

Indoor and Outdoor Geofences

The end-user can view the deals created by the Business users, get these deals with the click of a button in their mobile apps. There is an option where they can use the barcode scanner to attain this deal. Another important feature for users is that they can look for deals which are nearest to their location. Mobile app users can send connection requests to their Facebook friends. There is an option for users to view their savings obtained though claiming these deals.

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