Web Hosting Companies
If you do not have a web server or web hosting account, here are few recommended web hosting companies. We are not affiliated with these web hosting companies, but we know they possess server features to support iScripts products.

Want to avoid installation and hosting altogether? See the iScriptsCloud solution.

Recommended Hosting Companies

CloudSprout is a leading hosting company with cost- effective web hosting packages. You will also receive FREE software installation from iScripts if you use their hosting package with CloudSprout. CloudSprout offers cloud hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, as well as high performance and reliable business hosting all under one roof. The hosting plans in CloudSprout with SSD powered and 99.9% guaranteed uptime will be best suited for video streaming solutions like iScripts VisualCaster and social media solutions like iScripts SocialWare that require high performance and durability.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) se͏rves as an excellent web hostin͏g partner for iScripts products, ͏providing a robust and scalable infra͏structure for users. AWS's global network of data centers ensures high availability ͏and low latency, contributing to a stable hosting environment. With flexible hosting options such as EC2 instances and Amazon RDS, users can tailor configurations to suit the specific requirements of iScripts applications. AWS's pay-as-you-go pricing model enable͏s efficient resource utilization, allowing busi͏nesses to scale seamlessly without unnecessary costs. Additionally, AWS's emphasis on security ͏and ͏extensive suppor͏t resources makes it a ͏reliable choice for hosting iScripts products.

As GoDaddy is the world's largest domain name and hosting provider, many iScripts customers choose GoDaddy to host their site. Most iScripts products work fine on GoDaddy servers. Note: If you are using iScripts PrintLogic, iScripts Autohoster, iScripts GoStores, iScripts SocialWare, or iScripts VisualCaster, you will need a VPS (virtual private server) account.

Is this too complex? Try iScriptsCloud

With one click, you can access the pre-installed script of your choice. Use this option to avoid all the complicated technical issues. No hosting, no hassle, no questions. Just tell us your domain and get your business started.

Sign up for a free two-week trial. If this seems like something you want, simply continue using the service. Your monthly payment will include the use of the script, installation, hosting, and all site maintenance.

The engineers at iScripts created this hosted solution to make the process of creating an online business accessible to everyone regardless of technical expertise!

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