Open source PHP scripts & software


The iScripts team can set up and install any web script that you have purchased at on your web server or hosting account, usually the same day. This will include the uploading of program files and images with setup and configuration of the script. Later, we will test and provide you the access that you need to use the script.

  • We will program the settings file with information supplied by the customer and their web host.
  • We will create all of the necessary program directories on your server.
  • We will upload all of the images, settings and program files to those directories.
  • We will set the proper permissions on the files for proper server operation.
  • We will then test the program and its features to ensure that it runs correctly on your server.

The iScripts installation service does not include modification of the header, footer and e-mail files.

Please order script installations on the details page of each script that you purchase. You can select the installation services at the time during the purchase, or later by logging on to your panel and purchasing it separately.