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Online Barter Networks are gaining more significance! Here’s why

by Sheri Levitt

Today’s economy is definitely in a crisis. For businesses, employers, and their clients to stay afloat during these hard times, money isn’t easy to come by. What if there was a different way to do business? What if you didn’t have to worry about how much you spend and how it will affect you in the long run? There is an answer, an old fashioned way of doing business; it’s called bartering.

Let’s start from the beginning. Here is a perfect article for those of you that don’t entirely understand the concept of barter. (Short on cash? There’s always barter by Anne Fisher) Fisher explains through people she has interviewed just how the bartering system is used in average businesses across the U.S. today. She cites Joe Montanez, the owner of Bon Voyage Limousine in her article. It is amazing that he can still run a business without ever essentially ‘paying’ anyone back. Instead of using dollars, he uses common sense. Montanez uses an online source to barter his way into doing business with clients. It’s basically a way to trade your services, to obtain someone else’s.

Bartering can take place between businesses or consumers.  eBay, which is a very successful site, allows users to list and sell goods to others.  Sellers list these items because they no longer need specific items and instead, would like to exchange them for cash.  Buyers want to purchase items because they are usually discounted (sometimes heavily) compared to retail prices.  Some items or new and some are used.

The desire to make and save money is highly related. Very rarely can an individual not think of at least one “nice-to-have” item. How about obtaining it without spending a dime? At the same time, they can get rid of clutter and free up space. The mindset of getting something for (what is perceived) as nothing paired with cleaning out useless junk within immediate surroundings can be a very liberating feeling that delivers a sense of accomplishment.

At the same time, businesses can exchange with one another to cut costs and clear out surplus or unnecessary items. This is a highly efficient way to reduce costs and decrease waste on a larger scale.

How to Create an online Barter Network?

iScripts eSwap can offer your business a way to do just that. No more worrying about expenses and stressing over issues that you simply can’t change. Now, the economy is your oyster, and you have full control over how you run your business.

iScripts eSwap is the perfect solution to monetary problems. This online barter software allows the user of the site to swap, buy, and/or sell items. You can create a barter network 2.0 using this software in less than 30 minutes. The users of the site are able to add a wishlist to share with their members. They can also negotiate offers and exchange items to their discretion. This is an open source barter script that can allow any amount of modification to bring the wonderful world of bartering to your business.

If a user posts their wish list to their members, this shows what the user wishes to purchase. The members can respond and suggest a trade. Let’s say, the user doesn’t have the money to pay for something he/she wants right away, perhaps another member of the site can barter with them. Instead of paying over the site with a credit card, they can exchange trade of sorts. The user will provide a service to the member, in order to receive the product they desire. In this way, there is no money exchanged directly, and both parties are satisfied. One party receives a service (maybe car repair) and the other gains an object from their own wish list.

This definitely seems like a win-win situation. The user and his/her member are not using the money, but services instead to complete their transaction. Bartering will help those that do not have the necessary funds to complete transactions either for personal or business use. You can keep your business running, with iScripts eSwap. In this day and age, services rendered instead of money are the keys to success.

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