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Web-To-Print (W2P) – Expand your printing business today!

by Sheri Levitt

One of the biggest shift that happened in the past few decades is the dramatic fall of Print media. Printed media, from a common man’s perspective, is slowly finding its way into the pages of history. We can see that everywhere, from the dwindling sales of newspapers and magazines, to adoption of tablets and laptops in most institutions over paper. The digital revolution that the world is going through has really affected the business and hindered the development in related technology.

However, in contradiction to how digital revolution seems to threaten the printing industry, not all printing related businesses have gone in to oblivion. In fact, many printed products such as T-Shirts, stickers, illustrated publications and packaging prints are still going strong- sometimes even better than before! Why is this happening?

The survival and even thriving of some printing related businesses has to do with how they have wielded the power of new technologies. Two primary factors have contributed to this:

So what are the factors?

Digital Printing

The arrival of digital printing supported a wider segment of public including small & start-up businesses that have small volume printing requirements but of competent quality and features which its predecessors (offset printers, screen printing) were unable to yield. It also brought with it a wide variety of customizations and personalization options, in a large variety of products.

Demand and Supply

The internet opened the printing businesses to large global audience that they previously had no access to. Everyone wanted a piece of the pie, and more and more offline printing businesses began to go online. Along with exponentially increasing varieties of web services, the general public became much more involved in the scene. Access to almost anything, instantly, made us quite picky. Now we want and expect everything, as long as it is convenient. Personalized products are also a common trend.

and of course… Demand…

Industries like fashion, which seek ideal and aesthetic solutions for their demand and business strategies which shifted to a customer-centric service made a thriving need for a much more integrated set of printing services. The demand for printing services is widely expanding rapidly without any compromise in quality.

Future of Printing market (by 2025)?

Business models are taking new shapes which initially aimed at “creating” rather than “capturing” the demand. As result, the printing market is foreseeing a 23% increase in production volume by 2025 as compared to 2020 i.e., from $352.1 billion to $433.4 billion.

Expand your printing business with Web-To-Print (W2P)

Web to print is the game-changer features that is driving high demand for online printing world-wide. Here the customers are given the exciting option to custom print products on a whim. Printing business profits can be enhanced by the introduction of the web-to-print platform and as the market is clearly expanding, new investors are adding spirit to the already active competition.

It can be seen as a business providing an integrated printing solution which links the line of print houses, designers, web developers, corporate clients, and the ultimate customers with an on-demand printing service, an easy to use and dynamic designing tools and a well organized & standardized purchasing procedure.

It has probably become the first choice of printing for businesses who deal online in the global market with innovative printing solutions. With larger internet penetration, even smaller, localized vendors have now started to offer Web-To- Print services. Web tools which don’t necessitate any client-side software and driver installation is an added advantage. Access from smart-phones, tablets etc. is nowadays an essential part to grow out as a more popular e-commerce platform.

Also, last-minute changes for a printing job is not a herculean task anymore, making the internet capabilities more interesting. Web-to-print can bypass the use of traditional design tools by the end-user as the templates are utilized in this process that can be edited and approved by a client and by the print house without a graphic designer’s assistance. Know the advantages of T-Shirt design and printing websites and build yours.

Key element of W2P – The online store

In order for you to expand your printing business online, An online storefront is needed. With the production unit being set up and a good marketing strategy in mind, this becomes your key priority. 

The online store is a crucial element in your business and in every way, it should be designed, as well as, maintained appropriately. It should have option for people to add their custom designs and optimize them depending on the type of product. You should be able to provide option for payment as well as fast logistics.

They should:

  • Print customization
  • Print upload
  • Multiple products
  • Popular payment methods
  • Have an optimal look and feel
  • Documents people can rebroadcast or share
  • Call to action service
  • Delivery integration
  • Tracking services

Turnkey Web-To-Print Solution – iScripts PrintLogic

One doesn’t necessarily have to start from zero to build that ultimate printing storefront as there are solutions few clicks away. Widen your customer circle, strengthen up your marketing and concentrate on your business while a powerful customer-interface is being set up with the iScripts PrintLogic online design and printing software.

iScripts is one great online service which covers almost any type of business models in the e-commerce market. With iScripts PrintLogic, a dynamic, online storefront can be easily set up without any difficulties or compromising quality.

It supports customizations and changes according to your needs and trouble-free installation, along with an AJAX Based Design Studio. The responsive and easy to use designer tool and multiple print output formats (PNG, PDF, TIFF, SVG, JPG) at 3000 dpi, make it a breeze to work with.  The more you read about it, the more you will realize that it is the one-stop shop for your online business solutions. It supports different business models and offers more than just printing business. Read the full features of this powerful open-source online printing software.

Have questions about iScripts PrintLogic and how it can work with your existing business or online business idea? We’d be happy to explain how our software works including any additional business need you may have. We also offer custom work at a reasonable rate.

Try the LIVE DEMO! For questions related to how you can take advantage of the platform, contact us at (312) 423-6728 or send an email to sales@iscripts.com

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