What is Partner Program?

iScripts offers you a better deal in this Partner Program to help your business succeed and earn additional income.At the same time, you can offer better products to your client to start their own business.

How it works?

When you join our partner program :
  • Purchase iScripts products at a discounted price [50% of the actual amount]
  • Sell the download links of products to your clients for any price you choose.

Benefits on being our Partner
  • Enjoy better pricing
    You can avail huge discounts on iScripts products.
  • Enjoy better goodwill among your clients
    Provide your users with better products from iScripts and enjoy their goodwill.
  • Market recognition, reliable products
    iScripts is completely focused on developing quality scripts. Our brand name and market recognition allow your business to garner customer confidence.
  • Round the clock support
    You get round the clock support for all the iScripts product.

How to become a Partner?

Click here to become an iScripts Partner. For more information send an e-mail to

You can use the partner program discounts to use it to create applications for your clients. Not yourself.

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