Sign up with iScripts affiliate program today. If you refer visitors to our site, we will pay you 25% of the product purchased by the referred user at iScripts. Just as simple as that.

Affiliate Program Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the iScripts Affiliate Program?
The Affiliate Program is a partnership program with iScripts. Members earn a 25% commission for a referred purchase at iScripts. Top
Who can become a member of the Affiliate Program?
Absolutely ANYONE can become an affiliate of iScripts. You don't even need to have a website to join. You can refer your friends to iScripts through email or other means. However, we do not tolerate any spam for promoting the affiliate program. Top
Can I become an affiliate even though my website is not uploaded yet?
Definitely. There are different ways to refer your friends to iScripts so you can earn even when your site hasn't been uploaded yet. Top
How can I join?
Visit the affiliate program and sign-up. Then you're on your way to earning extra money. Top
How do I link my website to iScripts?
You can choose the way you link your site to iScripts. You can use either a text link or graphics to link to iScripts using the link provided when you signed up. Top
Is there another way to refer my friends to iScripts?
You can use the links in your sites/pages or even refer your friends by word of mouth or by email. But in any case, please don't forget to mention your Affiliate ID. Top
How does iScripts know that I referred the sign-ups?
Your link will point to your affiliate URL. This URL is basically just the iScripts homepage that's configured to your Affiliate ID (e.g, /index.php?affid=xx). Top
How do I keep track of my affiliate account?
Your control panel will let you know how many referrals you have made. Top
When can I start collecting my commission?
We will send you the commissions every month. Each month's commissions will be sent after 30 days from the end of the month. Top
Who should I contact when I need help with my affiliate account?
If you need help with the iScripts Affiliate Program, email Top
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