iScripts NetMenus Business Models And Use Cases

As the website administrator, you are in control of the website's main operations from within the iScripts NetMenus administrator panel. You can manage restaurants, members/customers, products on the menus, orders, payments, and even generate reports as well as newsletters from the back-end of your online ordering system. You can choose to operate your online ordering site in the following ways

The Single Restaurant Model

Any single restaurant can setup online ordering through the use of iScripts NetMenus. Here customers will send orders and payments directly to your restaurant. The main benefit of this model is that a restaurant owner can increase orders placed and generate additional revenue through improving their marketing reach by setting up online ordering. Also, the restaurant can now compete in a highly competitive market.

The Single Restaurant Multi-Location Model

iScripts NetMenus can also be used for a restaurant that has multiple locations. The software can be setup so that orders can be routed to the closest location. This model is advantageous when a chain of restaurants wants to increase production and generate additional revenue by creating an organized network.This model is highly competitive and allows restaurants to service a wider region in order to generate more revenue.The owner or administrator can setup online ordering for as many locations as you wish.In this model, the user as well as the site administrator will experience all of the same great features available on iScripts NetMenus.

The GrubHub Model

GrubHub offers an online ordering system for customers to order take out or delivery at various restaurants in their area. Users have the option of selecting the category of restaurant they would like to order from or choose a restaurant based on creating a reservation, ordering takeout, or delivery. This model is mainly beneficial because you can generate revenue through the orders from restaurants and the site is all automated.

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iScripts NetMenus - Online Ordering Software

iScripts NetMenus is a total online ordering solution that allows you to instantly create an online ordering system for a single location restaurant, multiple location restaurants, or even an online food court similar to GrubHub, Seamless, or Eat 24 Hours.. This robust restaurant software is feature-packed and fully customizable to meet your services!

Provide your users with the ability to place reservations for dine-in or orders for takeout or delivery. Catering menus may also be listed for establishments that choose to offer catering services. Find out valuable feedback about menu items and from your customers! Accept payments by credit card or cash on delivery, based on restaurant preferences. You can integrate online ordering to your existing web site or iScripts Netmenus will create a beautiful restaurant website. The powerful administration area allows you to easily manage restaurant information, items, and menus while managing plans, memberships, categories, subcategories, financial and usage reports, directories, images, coupon codes and much more!

Launching Online Ordering

iScripts NetMenus makes accepting online ordering for your restaurant easy and hassle-free. Once you purchase the online ordering script, you can customize the script by uploading your logo, site content, and additional images. If you have various locations, you may add them. You can even create coupon codes in order to promote your restaurant. You can then begin fully marketing your restaurant. You can even start an online food court of multiple restaurants and create a network of online ordering.

Configuring Your Online Ordering Software

After completing the one time purchase of iScripts NetMenus, the software needs to be installed on your server. After installation, the site administrator has total control over your online ordering software and website. If you need assistance, we can install the software for you on your server. iScripts NetMenus is an open source PHP online ordering software that is not encrypted. This allows you to be able to fully customize your online food court or restaurant site to support your business’ needs at any given time. If you would like to make modifications including changing functionality or adding other features, you can either use your own PHP programmer or request a quote from iScripts.

The iScripts NetMenus Advantage

Through the use of the online ordering software from iScripts, you can grow your existing restaurant business and even possibly open up more locations in the future!Take your brand to the next level with iScripts NetMenus! Stay current and competitive in the restaurant industry where customers are frequently ordering from GrubHub, Eat 24 Hours, or directly from their favorite restaurant’s website. The iScripts NetMenus software allows you to

  • Stay competitive by offering online ordering
  • Offer a wide selection of products on your menu or through multiple restaurants
  • Streamline online ordering with our phone app
  • Reduce the amount of cost and time by implementing this turnkey software and its automated processes
  • Supports multiple restaurants or locations
  • Use customer satisfaction and feedback to improve as well as determine which restaurants or type of restaurant to add
  • Accept online payments or CoD
  • Apply delivery and tax fees to the final order
  • Promote and market your online food court or restaurant with the built-in newsletter and coupon code functionality.
restaurant ordering system

Mobile App Details

WildFire Chicago, the most happening and best eating joint of Chicago. Order food using your SmartPhone by downloading this Application

  • Explore Our Menu
  • Browse according to your taste/cuisines(Italian, Pizza, Chinese)
  • View photos
  • View reviews & write one describing your delightful experience at WildFire
  • Make payment
  • WildFire requires you to log in to order food and pay via this application.

iScripts NetMenus Includes

  • No Monthly Fees or per transaction fees
  • Support for Unlimited Users & Items
  • Easy Menu Importation
  • List Open Restaurants
  • Create Custom Menu Item by Users (Example: Half Pepperoni, half sausage pizza)
  • Customer Order History
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Can be integrated with POS system
  • Create a multi-restaurant food portal
  • Responsive Themes
  • Branded iPhone App Available (optional)
  • Built-In Newsletter
  • Coupon Code Capability
  • Receive online orders by Fax
  • Supports Various Payment Gateways &Offline Payments (Cash or credit cards)
  • 100% of the payments go directly to you.
  • Website Design Templates Included
  • 100% Open Source & Fully Customizable
  • Simple Installation & Quick Start Guide

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