iScripts GoStores Models And Use Cases

There are a few ways you can use iScripts GoStores for your business. From the Administration Panel, you can efficiently manage users, plans, payments and more. Choose to operate your online store building business using the following models

Shopify Model

Create your own ecommerce platform enabling businesses and individuals to quickly create and host online stores. In this model, customers will purchase a hosting plan and set up an online store within minutes. Using simple drag-n-drop functionality, your users can feel confident during the website building process, even without technical knowledge. This model works well with web designers and marketers who work with clients to build their independent ecommerce stores.

Starting An Online Store Building Business

iScripts GoStores can be used by established web design and hosting companies looking to expand existing services or entrepreneurs entering a new market. As the site administrator, you will setup and manage all site operations. Your clients will build, publish and start selling online in minutes without frustration or installing software. You collect residual income from customers, as all created stores will be hosted on your web servers.

Client Testimonials

eCommerce Store Building Software

iScripts GoStores allows you to create your own hosted shopping cart business. Your customers will have the ability to create full-fledged, online stores within minutes without worrying about domains, hosting or shopping cart software installation. Users manage individual storefronts by adding products, setting the price, taking orders and shipping items.

Key features of the platform include a one-click installer, free trial functionality, eNom/GoDaddy API integration for real-time domain registration, enhanced templates, flexible billing, account and hosting management, and PCI compliance. Choose how your online business operates by selecting payment and shipping method options. Recurring subscription billing functionality is also included in this open source PHP software.

After your one-time purchase, the store building script can be installed on your server. From this point, you have complete control over the script and your site as the site administrator. This is an open source script without code encryption which means you may customize the site at any time in order to fit specific site needs. Integrate the iScripts GoStores script into an existing site or create a standalone full-featured hosted shopping cart business similar to Volusion, CoreCommerce, BigCartel and Quickcart.

Configuring Your Store Builder

After installing the software on your server, you will brand your site accordingly using the content management system to add your own site content and logo. You will also need domain name and a domain reseller account with companies such as eNom, Directi and GoDaddy if you want to offer real-time domain registration. Another option is to allow your users to register their domains through their registrar of choice. After setting up your accounts and name servers, you will choose how to run your site by defining your plan system using one of the models mentioned above. If you find that you would like to add more features or functionality to your website, you can do so at any time using your own PHP developer or the affordable developers at iScripts. You will require a hosting reseller account, VPS or dedicated servers to host your clients' stores.

The iScripts GoStores Advantage

iScripts GoStores is a feature-packed software that will set your business up for success. Opposed to competitors, our software already includes an intuitive site builder, support desk, remote desktop sharing and a wide range of additional features all included within your one-time purchase.

  • Easily start a business similar to Shopify or Volusion while significantly reducing the amount of time, complication and cost required for setting up and operating an ecommerce store building website.
  • Expand an existing business by generating additional revenue from charging users to build and hosting their own ecommerce businesses.
  • Provide more value to clients by offering additional services and options such as SEO, marketing, design and more.
  • Website templates are included for your customer to easily choose an appropriate design. Add more of your own to offer a unique selection.
  • Personalize and resourcefully operate your site using various payment gateways, modes, options and automated processes.

iScripts GoStores Includes

  • Store Builder for Easy Shopping Cart Creation
  • Responsive Design
  • Free Trial Option Available to Customers
  • Flexible User Billing Options
  • Entirely Browser-Based
  • Easy-to-Use Content Management System
  • Open Source PHP Script with No Encryption
  • Completely Automated Operations
  • Multiple Domain Registrar Support - eNom, Directi, GoDaddy
  • Advanced SEO Optimized Pages for Better Search Engine Results
  • Supports Different Payment Gateways
  • Users Create and Publish Full Stores Without Installing Software
  • Powerful Admin Panel to Manage Users, Listings, Payment and Insights
  • Integrated Mail List Management