Scripts Locologic Models And Use Cases

As the business owner you have the facility to manage multiple orders, deliveries, drivers and you may get detailed reports about order status, deliveries and vehicles. Both driver and your end customers will have IOS and Android mobile app for the most convenient and faster access to the platform. Mobile apps provide your driver and customers most productive outputs at reduced costs.

PL Model

Web console for platform admin includes top online business management features including order and delivery management, vehicle and driver management and taking various reports of orders, deliveries, drivers, payments etc.

Platform allow the business admin to add and update orders with more than one items in a single order. Business admin can manage drivers and vehicles from his web console, assign drivers on order and allocate routes. Payment towards driver is also managed through business admin web console. End customers can track delivery of his package from warehouse using mobile apps in both IOS and Android.

Separate mobile app for drivers to view order info, update delivery status and to find optimal route based on assigned routes. Drivers will have the facility to get delivery and payment reports.

Supplier Model

Suppliers with different warehouses and delivery providers can manage their operations using Locologic. . In LocoLogic suppliers are provided with module for warehouse management and shipping company management. Suppliers can view the orders and track the status of each orders. Detailed reports on important entities are included in platform.

Crowdsourced driver model

Locologic can be used to create marketplace for crowdsourced drivers. It can be for a specific business or a service similar to Postmates. Locologic provide the driver management, routing, delivery management and more. Business model for crowdsourced driver business can be cloned in different industries.

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