1. Open a helpdesk ticket

This gives you the freedom to contact the iScripts tech support team whenever you feel it is necessary. You can post tickets on your issue and the iScripts tech support team will reply with a solution to any of your questions or concerns.

2. Give us Feedback

If you have a feedback on any of the various iScripts products you can use the following link. All your feedback is extremely valuable to us. We take this feedback in consideration during the release of new products and upgrades.

3. Request a Script

Do you have a script idea and want us to develop it for you? Please let us know and we shall contact you with feasibility and estimate for the development of the same.

4. Report a Bug

Did you find a bug in any of our products you have been using? Please let us know, we shall immediately fix the issue and also update our product packages with the new fixes.

5. Contact Us

If you would like to contact us for any reasons technical, sales, support etc please use the following link to do so.


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