1. General FAQ

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about and the products. This is very helpful in understanding the general nature of iScripts products.

2. Search the Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is a searchable directory of common problems encountered by our customers. It is regularly updated by our support team and provides answers to the most frequently asked questions, general software errors, and specific technical details on various iScripts products.

3. Community Forum

This is a sharing community with the purpose of solving problems associated with iScripts products. We monitor the forums to spot issues that are most common and post the solutions soon thereafter.

4. Open a Help Desk ticket

The Help Desk should be used when you are unable to find the answers to your questions using the above resources. All tickets are first reviewed by our dedicated 1st level support team. Tickets that require further assistance will be escalated to 2nd and 3rd level support status depending on the type of issue.

5. Find a Product Patch

Find patches for iScripts products by clicking the link below.

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