iScripts EasySnaps Models And Use Cases

The Photobucket Model

Edit, add, and delete photos through the simple image manager. Then, host and share images in an online community dedicated to sharing as well as preserving photos. With a monthly subscription for your users, you can enable private sharing and other great features.

Free Image Hosting Software

Whether you are creating a free image sharing website or subscription service, iScripts EasySnaps has the features and functionalities available that you need for a successful online photo hosting website. iScripts EasySnaps is a reliable web-based image gallery and hosting software that can be used to create your own standalone picture sharing business or to offer an additional service to existing customers.

The professional iScripts EasySnaps image hosting script is a feature-rich solution. Create an online business enabling your users to share pictures among friends and family. In addition, you can provide it as both a free or paid service. Paid services are used for applications like eBay auctions, blog postings, websites, and more. The software is unencrypted and open source so it is fully customizable for your needs.

iScripts EasySnaps can be used to grow a photo gallery or hosting site. There are successful photo sharing sites out there; however the privacy feature on paid memberships sets us apart. You can even customize the photo sharing site to grow a community and target specific niches. For example, you may want to start a photo sharing site for chefs or restaurants who want to show off their amazing gourmet dishes. There are so many possibilities with iScripts EasySnaps.

Client Testimonials

The iScripts EasySnaps Advantage

  • Use this free image hosting software developed in PHP as opposed to spending a significant amount of time and effort developing your own image sharing solution from scratch.
  • Generate revenue by developing subscription services for your online image sharing community.
  • Manage all aspects of your own website from the easy-to-use administrator panel.
  • Keep your gallery free from unwanted pictures using approvals and optional images.
  • Take advantage of search engine optimized HTML code and layout.
  • Use the script for a paid or free image hosting service.

iScripts EasySnaps Includes

  • Unlimited Number of Images, Albums & Users
  • Intuitive Administrative Panel for Managing the Website and Users
  • Create Free & Paid Plans to Your Users
  • Supports Private, Semiprivate & Public Albums
  • Users Can Create Slideshows & Thumbnails
  • Supports Payment Gateways for Paid Plans
  • Multiple Themes & Layouts
  • Multiple Picture Uploads
  • Tags & Watermarks
  • Easy-to-Install Wizard

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