iScripts AutoHoster Models And Use Cases

After installing your software, you will control all main website operations within the iScripts AutoHoster Administrator Panel. Manage users, plans, payments and more directly from your own login. You can choose to operate your web hosting business using the following models

Fully Automated Model

You can choose to automate account creation and domain registration so that users can sign up instantly. This model will allow you to operate the site in a hands-off fashion. Even though the software comes equipped with fraud detection, you should be aware that fully automated processes increase the risk of fraud.

Semi-Automated Hosting

This option still provides real-time domain registration, but you will need to manually create user accounts. Set up your site to operate within this mode if you would like an intermediate level of maintenance and fraud risk.

Manual Operation Model

Ensure that you avoid fraud by manually processing domain registration and account setup. If you choose this model, billing will still be automatic. Although this is the safest option regarding fraud, you will need to devote more attention to managing the site and users as they sign up.

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All-Inclusive Web Hosting Management System

Designed specifically for resellers, web hosting and web design businesses, iScripts AutoHoster includes the necessary functionalities required to run an efficient and professional hosting business similar to GoDaddy or Hostgator. The hosting management software includes a range of impressive features, making it the only comprehensive online web hosting software available today.

Your users can register domains in real-time, use an intuitive site builder to create and publish professional websites, choose hosting plans, and communicate support issues using a built-in help desk system. As the site administrator, you choose whether the site operations are automated or controlled manually.

The software also includes billing and account management features, an optional affiliate program, unlimited plans/users, the ability to sell additional value added services, multiple site themes, a knowledgebase for easy troubleshooting, automatic billing and invoicing and recurring billing for hosting and domain registration.

Launching a Successful Web Hosting Business

iScripts AutoHoster can be used by entrepreneurs and individuals looking to create a web hosting business from scratch, or by an established web design and hosting company looking to expand services.

The software itself was created as an easy-to-use platform for users as well as site administrators by incorporating drag-n-drop functionality, automated processes and quick setup. Your software comes equipped with separate logins for you (the Admin), users and staff members (if applicable). Once the software is installed on your server, you will brand your website by adding your logo and content, setting up your reseller and hosting accounts, and defining the plans offered on your website. After these steps are complete, you can market your hosting business to new or existing customers.

Configuring Your Web Hosting Software

iScripts AutoHoster supports multiple servers for enhanced account creation and management. You can start your web hosting business using a reseller account, a VPS or dedicated servers. Once iScripts AutoHoster is installed, you will use the administrator panel to control and set up your entire website. iScripts AutoHoster is an open source PHP software. Using an open source PHP script, you are not locked into having the same website or experiencing difficulty modifying it. Customize your website using your own programmer or request an affordable quote from our team at iScripts.

The iScripts AutoHoster Advantage

iScripts AutoHoster is a feature-packed web hosting billing and management software that will set your business up for success. Opposed to competitors, our software already includes an intuitive site builder, support desk, remote desktop sharing and a wide range of additional features all included within your one-time purchase.

  • Generate revenue by charging users one-time and monthly fees for creating a domain, building a website and using your hosting services
  • Reduce the amount of time and cost required to set up and operate a professional web hosting business
  • Ensure your customer support is effectively managed using the comprehensive help desk area, used to manage all customer inquiries
  • If you have an existing business, you can encourage customer satisfaction by offering users a platform to create and host their own website
  • Take advantage of the built-in site templates available to users and add more of your own to the system
  • Supports multiple servers for your hosting clients
  • Streamline and efficiently manage your business by using the software's comprehensive built-in features and processes
  • Automated hosting account creation and management with cPanel and Plesk servers
  • Feel at ease using the system's integrated fraud prevention feature
  • Customize and operate your site using various payment gateways, modes and options

iScripts AutoHoster Includes

  • Real-Time Domain Registration Using Enom and Directi
  • Integrated Online Website Builder
  • Responsive front end
  • Recurring and Non-Recurring Billing
  • Multiple Site Themes and Styles
  • Integrated Help Desk for Customer Support
  • Live Chat and Remote Desktop Sharing
  • Supports Auto & Manual Domain Management
  • Powerful Administrator Panel
  • Supports cPanel and Plesk Hosting Account Management
  • Integrated Knowledgebase
  • Automated Invoicing and Billing
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Online User Sign-Ups
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Open Source Software

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