iScripts EasySnaps


1. What is iScripts EasySnaps?
iScripts EasySnaps is a low-cost and powerful web based image hosting system. It allows you to create photo hosting sites similar to flickr or imageshack.

2. As a service provider, what are the benefits and advantages of iScripts EasySnaps?
As a service provider you get an increased revenue from image hosting and related services.

3. Is iScripts EasySnaps stable and reliable?
Yes.iScripts EasySnaps is very stable and reliable and is used by a number of customers worldwide.

4. How and where can I evaluate iScripts EasySnaps?
iScripts EasySnaps online demo is available at

5. Which payment processor is supported?
iScripts EasySnaps supports, Paypal, 2checkout YourPay and Google Checkout

6. Do I need a SSL certificate?
If you are accepting payments using or Yourpay you will need a SSL. If you accept payment through GoogleCheckout, paypal or 2checkout you don't need one.

7. Is iScripts EasySnaps's source code encrypted?
No. iScripts EasySnaps's source code is not encrypted and you are free to modify them to suit your requirements.

8. Where can I use iScripts EasySnaps?
You can use iScripts EasySnaps to provide image hosting service to customers, bringing in large amount of traffic to your site.

9. What if I need a customization of the script?
As iScripts EasySnaps codes are not encrypted you are free to modify them to suit your requirement. In case you want us to customize the script for you , please contact

10. Where can I see a live operating site using iScripts EasySnaps?
You can see live sites at Customer Showcase

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