iScripts EasyBiller Models And Use Cases

Our software is beneficial for all businesses, regardless of industry type. To determine the best mode of operation, consider your current business model when examining the following options

Recurring Billing Plan

Use this mode if you offer a subscription-based service for your customers such as web hosting, child care, music/dance schools, tutoring and more.

Service-Based Plans

Charge for specific services, hours, materials or products by creating customized plans and bundles. Define your own specific packages and set prices. This model is best for freelancers and those offering services such as web development and SEO.

Setting Up Your Online Billing Software

Once installed on your server, iScripts EasyBiller can easily deliver the perfect billing solution for your business. Quickly set up the software by adding your content, logo, plans, services and more. Use the above models to determine the best billing methods and processes for your business. If you find that you need to alter the functionality of the software, you can accomplish this by using any PHP programmer of your choice or contacting the team at iScripts for a reasonable quote.

Client Testimonials

Automated Customer Billing Software

Created specifically for service-based businesses, the advanced software provides an intuitive mechanism for changing your billing and account management to an online self served model.

The powerful online billing script supports recurring, annual and one-time billing methods, as well as invoicing, customer management and online ordering. If you need a billing or invoice solution for a subscription website, childcare center, IT business, web design, SEO, freelance work, a delivery, cleaning, or answering service, or similar business, iScripts EasyBiller is the perfect software for you. This can be effectively used for any business that wants to bill customers periodically while allowing them to view activities and accounts online.

This professional, yet easy-to-use web-based billing solution allows you to customize your own plans based upon the services or products you offer. Set your own bundles, invoices and prices while also choosing your preferred payment gateways. Your customers can set their payments as manual or automatic.

iScripts EasyBiller allows you to eliminate confusing guesswork for yourself as well as your valued customers. By utilizing an efficient, fully-loaded and professional billing system, you can ensure your billing process is easily managed and your customers are satisfied.

Launching Your Online Billing Solution

After installing the software on a server and domain of your choice, you will be able to create an efficient billing system within minutes. Add your own logo, plans and services to the system and receive payments from your customers through the payment gateways of your choice.

The iScripts EasyBiller Advantage

    Our billing software possesses sophisticated features sure to improve your billing procedures while keeping you and your clients on track.
  • Simplify your billing processes and efficiently manage payments using a premade system specifically created for your billing needs.

  • Have the flexibility to utilize the software for recurring, one-time or anniversary fees or choose to use a plan and email invoicing.

  • Add custom fields to the software in order to collect and store any pertinent customer information you may need.

  • Add the billing software to our existing website or set it up as a standalone website.

  • Rather than revamp your entire website or create a costly method from scratch, iScripts EasyBiller allows you to save time and resources for other aspects of your business.

  • Support an unlimited amount of payments, plans and users.

  • Keep the payment process simple and using the software's built-in functionality and automated processes (such as auto-receipts and tax modules).

  • Give your customers and clients the ability to choose their payment type using the systems available payment gateway options.

iScripts EasyBiller Includes

  • Comprehensive Invoicing & Service History
  • Online Ordering & Payment
  • Supports Stripe Payment
  • Supports Recurring & Nonrecurring Billing
  • Self-Managed Accounts
  • Supports Multiple Currencies
  • Open Source Script with No Encryption
  • Ability to Create Custom Plans & Payment Types
  • Admin Dashboard with Detailed Reports & KPIs
  • Content Management System for Site Content & Images
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee