iScripts Backuper Models And Use Cases

Whether you have a small business and are looking to backup your own data, or if you want to create an online business offering data backup services for clients, iScripts Backuper is a standalone solution that offers you a tremendous amount of flexibility. Review the use cases and business models listed below to determine the best mode of operation.

Web Hosting Company

Do you already own and operate a web hosting company? Use the software to introduce a new service or way of managing backup files for your clients.

Small Business

If you have your own online business, you may consider using this software to backup your own files to your own server infrastructure. By backing up your files to your own servers in a datacenter or in your premise, your data would be protected from potential security breaches.

Online Data Backup Service

Create your own startup like Carbonite, or Mozyor DropBox. You will possess functions and capabilities similar to these well-known websites with your own infrastructure.

Client Testimonials

  • For the past 3 years I've been using your client tool. I can not imagine how I could ever manage my backups so perfectly without it.


  • We have been using your tool to take our server backups daily. So far everything is fine. Good tool.

    A web hosting company

  • With iScripts Backuper i could start my branded backup site in few hours time. Thanks.

    James Dallas

Professional Online Data Backup Script

Our backup software has two main components: server software and a desktop client for users. This easy-to-use desktop software supports billing, account management, backup management and more. Use this software for a standalone online data backup service solution to create your own backup services for yourself or clients.

iScripts has offered online data backup for consumers for over two years under the brand name BackupToNet. We decided to enhance our current solutions based on the customer feedback we received. If you are looking to start an online data backup service similar to Carbonite, Mozy, or DropBox or perhaps give your business a secure and reliable way to backup data, here is your chance. This software is the perfect opportunity for IT companies, MSPs, hosting companies, ISPs, and entrepreneurs to create the perfect backup solution.

iScripts Backuper runs on Linux servers while the backup tool runs on Windows. This makes the system very economical, yet reliable. While the backup is encrypted using powerful algorithms, the process also uses secure connections. iScripts Backuper also contains a private labeled client application along with the server software.

Setting Up Your Secure Backup Solution

Once installed on your server, iScripts Backuper can easily deliver the perfect backup and secure data solution for your business or clients. Quickly set up the software by adding your own logo, credentials, plans, content and more. We will create a private label desktop client for your clients or staff to use. Use the above models to determine the best uses and how to apply the software to match your specific goals. If you find that you need to alter any features or specific functions of the script, you can employ any PHP programmer of your choice to make these changes. The programmers at iScripts are also available to provide a free quote and help you reach your goals.

The software itself was created as an easy-to-use platform for users as well as site administrators by incorporating drag-n-drop functionality, automated processes and quick setup. Your software comes equipped with separate logins for you (the Admin), users and staff members (if applicable). Once the software is installed on your server, you will brand your website by adding your logo and content, setting up your reseller and hosting accounts, and defining the plans offered on your website. After these steps are complete, you can market your hosting business to new or existing customers.

Launching Your Secure Data Backup Solution

After installing the iScripts Backuper script on a server and domain of your choice, you will be able to set up your own online data backup service or create one for your own business. After installing the software, you will be able to add your own logo and data backup plans into the system and receive payments from your customers through payment gateways of your choice.

The iScripts Backuper Advantage

  • Our sophisticated data backup software possesses professional, yet easy-to-use features sure to help your own clients or business stay secure and on track.
  • Simplify data backup solutions for your organization or your clients and ensure security knowing your data will never be lost.
  • Control the billing process and efficiently manage payments using a premade system specifically created for your billing needs.
  • Utilize your own server infrastructure for maximum control and economical feasibility.
  • Have the flexibility to utilize the software for your own business or your own clients.
  • Rather than create your entire solution from scratch, iScripts Backuper allows you to save time and resources for other aspects of your business, such as marketing and lead generation.
  • Support an unlimited amount of payments, plans and users within the easy-to-use system.

iScripts Backuper Includes:

  • Powerful Encryption for End User Security
  • Supports Fully Automated, Scheduled Backups
  • Optional 248-Bit Encryption for User Data
  • Backup to Your Own Server Infrastructure
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Open Source Script with No Encryption
  • Flexible User Plan Options
  • Content Management System for Easy Management
  • Full Service History
  • Integrated Affiliate Program
  • Supports Multiple Payment Gateways and Plans
  • Differential Backup to Save Bandwidth and Space

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