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Top 7 Social Media Sites for Business

by Sherine Mariam

“Social Media” is a term that has been buzzing around every nook and corner. Nowadays talks have compromised to a viral post on Facebook, a Forward on Whatsapp or a highly viewed picture in Instagram are all some basic examples of social media influence in the society.

But how is social media helping grow businesses? But before that let us get into some basics.

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What is Social Media?

Breaking down the term “ Social Media”,

Social Media = Social + Media,

from which we can easily infer that its a medium of communication that aids in the interaction of people. Some of the most common features of social media site platform are as follows.

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  • Use Personal Accounts: Users get to use their own individual accounts to interact with their connections, set privacy filters on the data and information being shared on the platform.
  • Profile and Business pages: Users can create both personal and professional business pages to share ideas and market products or services respectively.
  • Create contacts across the globe: As self-descriptive it is, social media sites provide a great platform in creating contacts across the globe.
  • Hashtags and tagging: Hashtags have become a great trend in the social media industry with no bias on a personal or professional profile or pages, they go with any and every post or photograph. They also serve as a means of easily distinguish posts from a greater lot that can help a lot in creating organic traffic.
  • User interactions: Social media sites provide the best basic platform for advertisements to work upon with the interaction facility of its pages. Likes, shares, comments and emoticons all add up to the way a user reacts to a certain post or page.
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How does Social Media Help Businesses?

This question must have definitely popped in your mind that how does Social media be advantageous to businesses. Let us have a look at a few of the factors that social media aids in business.

Quality Customer Service

Social media sites provide an extremely handy platform for customers to connect, all time every day. Improving customer experience will benefit businesses to reach their profit goals faster as proven by recent studies. Social media allows businesses to easily engage in both positive and negative review and feedback systems which forms a base for the customers to make decisions. As compared to other chat or customer support service that is paid this serves a better, efficient and low-cost customer support solution.

Better Transparency

Just as discussed before, social media provides a platform for users to decide on taking up the service or solution based on the ratings and reviews provided on the business or profile pages. This also has a downside where angry customers can backlash resulting in degrading the business image. Hence business must master the way social media performs and manage such situations with problem-solving measures and retain positive attention.

Social Media Networking for Business - iScripts SocialWare

Flexible Content Preparation

Combining content marketing strategies can nowadays help to generate better results from the content uploaded on the business page. This can be a major saving on the marketing of your business. In the initial days, the content was not crucial but has now turned into the easiest source to create organic traffic to the business page on social media site platforms.

Targeting the Potential Audience

Social media is now an easier platform to market and advertise your business online. These platforms serve as a simpler way to reach the targeted audience using the preferences and interactions of the users on the platform. It is also a cost-effective marketing strategy using proper, informative and creative content to attract in more potential customers and easily reach out to the targetted audience.

The Top 7 Social Media Websites in the World

Ssocial Media Sites for Business - iScripts SocialWare


It is the most used social media website with around 2 billions of users and still counting. It is among the easiest and user-friendly social media website that helps people stay connected to friends and family across the globe easily. The extra feature of the Facebook messenger allows people to stay connected online with video calling, audio calling and chat features. It has also become the favourite spot for individuals and organizations to market and advertise their business to compete in the online marketplace easily. It has come up with many addictive features of editing tools and special effects making it a favourite with no bias of age and gender.


Beginning as an image and video sharing application, Instagram has grown at par to Facebook within a short span of time. This social media networking application has grown to become the public’s favourite and the best way to show your talent and skills through profiles and share it among friends and family and even go public as a business profile. Instagram shopping has also been trending in recent years from startups to highly established eCommerce businesses.


Always taking up the viral posts and stories, this short tweeting social media platform has been on the trending list and the top used portals by influential people from politicians to celebrities and the public. Twitter can be used to both promote your business and even shop online.


Being the firsties in social media sites, Google plus also allows its users to stay in touch by sharing images, videos and informative content. It is also enabled with video conferencing options using Hangouts by the search engine giant, Google.


Linkedin is the most popular professional social networking site available in about and more 20 languages. It helps its users to connect to professionals of their area of expertise. Linkedin also has built-in features to apply for jobs online and also provides a Linkedin Learning centre similar to that of the widely known Udmey. This social media platform is growing its users day by day and has already crossed a count of 400 million users on the portal including individuals and business profile pages.


Owned by Yahoo, Tumblr has topped the list of a microblogging website cum a social media platform for sharing ideas online. Working since 2013, Tumblr can be used to post pictures, video or any multimedia and short blogs. It can be a platform to be used for flexible content creation and sharing that will drive in more organic traffic for your business.


Mostly described as an image sharing and bookmarking website, Pinterest is a social media site used to find new ideas for your events, DIY projects and many more. This visual bookmarking website application can be used as an inspirational and creative platform to get more choices for your projects. Users can share their boards privately and publicly, follow user profiles and even comment on pins.

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