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How Can Online Ordering Impact Your Restaurant?

by Mariya Parackal
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Online ordering is the fastest growing trend in the hospitality industry. The benefits of online ordering systems for restaurants are perceptible every single day. Moreover, the National Restaurant Association has predicted the growth of restaurant industry sales in the US has been expected to reach 15 percent annually. It is not just a flash in the pan. The statistics indicate a whopping $800 billion growth rate in the online restaurant industry

The vogue of online ordering is on a meteoric rise. A recent study shows that 50 percent of consumers prefer online ordering, and it results in an increase in spending up to 25 percent. From the eCommerce giants to small businesses, direct-to-consumer delivery options are sweeping the nation. Online food ordering through mobile apps took off in 2019; the number of online orders is flourishing and will expand faster in coming years. 

Let’s look at a convincing example; after launching online ordering features in the Starbucks mobile app, the company witnessed better productivity in-store, received more orders, accelerated services, and improved customer satisfaction. 

The use of mobile apps and online ordering is enlarging. If a consumer can’t order from your restaurant, then he will consider another restaurant. The necessity of adding online ordering features to a restaurant’s website or app is inevitable. You may wonder how online ordering makes an impact on your restaurant business. 

Customer Experience

If customers are fond of your restaurant services, then they will recommend you to the populace. Automatically the consumers start to act as your advertisers. So, if you are a restaurant owner, then keep a service that makes them coming back. 

While making the ordering process convenient to the consumers, it will pay huge revenue to restaurants. One thing is assured that consumers want to place their order without commotion and doubtlessly, asap. 

Every person is living on a busy schedule. No one wants to spend more than 6 minutes placing an order over the phone. By ‘enhancing the game,’ online ordering can provide a better convenient service to its customers. Customers do online ordering at their convenience. But before they order their favorite food, they will check your online menu and added items carefully. Your customers will order from the comfort of their homes. 

During peak-hour, the consumer can schedule the order and set a time to pick up without wait in long lines. Using an online ordering feature in your business, you are satisfying your customers and building a connection that helps to add value to your venture. 

Web Presence

Managing a restaurant in this period is not profitable without a strategic online presence. Your restaurant business has to maintain a competitive appearance on social media platforms. A web presence will help you to receive multiple orders and boost the visibility of your restaurant. 

Online Ordering for Restaurants


Instead of taking orders over the phone, it’s much more accurate to receive orders online. The online ordering software collects the customer orders and directly transmits them to the staff. This feature can boost your employee productivity and customer experience and shorten the queues at the counter. Your restaurant will reap maximum value from your customers. You can utilize the data insights to develop a better marketing plan. A perfect online ordering system has an analytics platform to track data and sell better. 


The customer wants to order a dish quickly if he is inside a restaurant because the server person might be waiting. While in the case of online ordering, they can decide the dish whenever they want without any distractions. As there is no time limit to make an order, the customers spend more time selecting the food from the menu, which is good for business. Cross-selling product is an inbuilt feature of the online ordering platform as it brings more sales while adding complementary items. The products that don’t sell in the store can be paired with any items from the menu. 

 So, here are the ways online ordering impact your restaurant. 

Improved Customer Experience

  • Through Engagement
  • Through Personalization
  • Through Efficiency

Build Customer Loyalty

Improved Bottom Line

  • Increased productivity
  • Buyer Tracking
  • Increased Sales

Advantages of Online Ordering

  • It makes the ordering process easier
  • Efficient customer and order management
  • Monitor your expenses incurred in real-time
  • Free and Cheap Marketing
  • Better customers data
  • The convenience of mobile ordering
  • Stay ahead of the competition
  • Grow your bottom line
  • Reach thousands of customers at a time
Online Ordering for Restaurants


Online ordering had become a must-have thing for the restaurant industry. 

Netmenus is the most optimal system to set up online ordering through a restaurant’s website. It is fully customizable and can even process payments. If you do not have a website or planning to develop a site in the future for your restaurant, that is okay because you can still use the Netmenus brandable iPhone app. By owning a branded mobile app, your restaurant’s credibility will improve; it’s a big deal!

By saving time and money, you can place all your focus on attaining restaurants and increasing traffic. Driver app features are also added in the single app.

Consider starting local and expanding afterward. It is important to drive traffic towards your site by focusing on a niche target, such as a specific area or type of dining establishment.

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