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On-Demand Delivery Model- A quick Method to Earn out of Restaurant Business

by Kathy Hill

We can’t expect constant sales from a Restaurant Business. It depends upon seasonality and countless other factors. Long back, restaurant owners have a concept that advertisement makes an increase in sales.

While this still has the potential to expose your brand to the public, it’s also a costly venture that isn’t guaranteed to work.

On Demand Delivery Model

Now it’s time to increase your restaurant sales in a modern way. Different types of online platforms have risen to fill the voids and increase sales. In which new “delivery players “ which appeared in 2013, allow customers to compare menus, scan and post reviews, and place orders from a variety of restaurants with a single click.

Ever thought about doing a restaurant business without the hassles of running a real restaurant? It’s called the On-demand services model, in which you bring multiple restaurants under your brand and it’s also called Uber for X.

The new delivery players allow consumers to compare offerings and order meals from a group of restaurants through a single click from an app or website. This allows a new way for the restaurant market to home delivery.

Increase sales using an on-demand delivery model.

More orders more revenue:
Using on-demand delivery software customers have time to choose their favorite food from multiple places. The customer can explore the menu using software or app and ended up in more than they wanted.

Promotional offers:
Adding promotional offers and coupon codes will enable you to reach the target audience with ease.

Online leads make more order generation:
Receiving orders online may increase your sales. Ordering over through the phone takes a minimum of five minutes but ordering through an on-demand software or app makes it in a minute.

Proper Notification:
Once a customer is ordered, a confirmation email will be advantage-able to attract customers.

Utilize Social Media:
The restaurant can promote their business using social media and convey their brand to maximum reach.

Route Optimization:
In most cases, the delivery may be delayed due to inefficient routes. Using proper software with GPS enabled maps helps to avoid these types of delays.

Features needed for on-demand delivery software:

  • Creating an account: Both restaurants and users could be able to create an account using the software.
  • Card registration: It is necessary to add an auto-payment feature for the quick payment process.
  • Ordering a service or a product: An app solely is needed to place an order no matter what product or service is being sold.
  • Location: Providing location features will ease the delivery.
  • Delivery price: It should be shown as soon as a delivery location is chosen, plus tips can be added in the end.
  • Multiple cards and automatic payment: With these options, you add more speed to the payment process. Automatic features make ordering almost effortless.
  • History of orders: It’s especially useful for those people who prefer ordering one type of product several times in a row.
  • Review, Rating, and Feedback: Customers would able to post their review, feedback, and rating so that it can reach more customers and know about the food.

Developing and designing a website for food order is a time and cost taking process. Using iScripts NetMenus can help you to start your business within a niche time. You can also check the Features and Qualities Needed for a Restaurant Ordering System.

Using iScripts NetMenus, Create an online multi-restaurant ordering system that really delivers! Enable your users to complete orders for takeout, delivery, catering and even make reservations with participating restaurants.

The system allows 3 different model where you can choose as per your business plan.


 Using the mobile app customers can order food from their phone


Online Ordering App for iOS and Android
An app is an extremely important thing for your startup.

Do you know how important is an app for your startup?

Many of the users are depending on apps for buying anything they need. And they use smartphones or tablets to place an order.

There are many advantages like speed and user-friendliness if you decide to create your online ordering App. iScripts NetMenus is one perfect solution with its user-friendly apps.

Get an idea of how to use the system and see the full list of features in action by using the free trial of our online demo. Have additional questions? Contact our team at (312) 423-672

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