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eSwap – Online Swapping Platform Software

by Aji Abraham

Do you have a garage full of items that are still useful but you no longer use? Perhaps you have a closet full of clothes that you no longer wear?

Do you think of wasted money when your bookshelf is stacked with all of these books you’ve already read?

You are not the only person looking for a way to turn these lightly used goods into other useful items or even cash!

Disposing of these items could result in a great loss as some can be sold for copious amounts of money. This is where bartering or swapping platforms come in.

Online Swapping and Bartering Platforms are on the rise

In the recent months there was an influx of swapping platform focusing on different vertical / geographical markets. The reason for this increase in the swapping web sites is simple. For a lot of items in the consumer to consumer market place happen way below its intrinsic value.

For example if you try to sell a used text book you paid $100 to your college store, you would be lucky if you get back $20-$30. Try to buy the same book very next day from the same store; it would cost you upwards of $75.00. Why does it happen? It’s not because your college store is greedy. Well, that’s part of the reason.. also all the cost associated with the middleman. Same is the case when you sell your used car to the dealership. If you try to buy the same car from the same dealership, you will be surprised to find out the difference between the buying price and selling price is way off.

When a consumer sell something to a business, normally the transaction happen below it’s intrinsic value.

When a consumer buys a used item from a business it happens above the intrinsic value. Always there is a winner and loser. Unfortunately we have been doing business this way for very long time. Since we invented currency. Before it we had the barter system. In the barter system, the trades are more equitable.

Online swapping is the best choice when you wanna easily reach out to products at better deals in this era of computers and the internet. You can think of the whole process as a sale happens at a yard or garage with a difference that this happens online!

Instead of getting cash, you get other items you might need or want in exchange for your own unneeded and unwanted items. Better yet, as the admin of a site like this, you get profit in the form of success fees, memberships, featured listings, points-system purchases, and more!

Build your own Online swapping website with iScripts eSwap

The Newyork times wrote about the new crop of swap websites way back in 2006. Since then the technology has grown leaps and bounds, and multi-million dollar businesses have spawned out of it. However, the market is still not saturated and there is a lot avenues for you to explore, especially in niche markets.

If you are thinking of creating an online swappin website, you can spend months of development and a lot of money to one. Or you can use the software from iScripts- called iScripts eSwap. It is a complete swapping platform to get you to start a swap website within few hours.

iScripts eSwap allows you to set up a swap website with an escrow service. The administrator of the site can specify if the escrow is provided or not. Admin can also specify different categories, commission for listing items for swap. You can have any number of categories and products. It has built in support for paypal and credit card merchant account. The affiliate program allows you to market your swapping site through of referrals.

As always iScripts engineers are available to provide any customization and to install the software for you. You can purchase the barter software through iScripts.com

iScripts eSwap is an designed to create an online marketplace for users can buy, sell, or exchange items at ease and better deals. The platform allows you the opportunity to offer your users a variety of options including listing fees, featured item fees, optional escrow fees, or monthly subscription.

It gives you the flexibility to charge any or none of these fees from your users. The software supports the most common payment gateways. Offline payment methods are also supported.

The iScripts eSwap software supports both exchange transactions either based on money/ virtual currency or points. The script also contains other features such as admin report creation, easy custom theme integration, and ability to run the system for swap only or for swap and sale together.

Check out iScripts eSwap demo

iScripts eSwap Live Demo

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