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iScripts AutoHoster – Web host in a box for simplified hosting management

by Aji Abraham
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There a number of factors coming together for the breakdown of barriers to entry for industries. For web hosting industry it came with three aspects.  They were affordable servers and bandwidth, automation software, 24×7 technical support partners.

Information Technology is an ever-evolving market which, in its growth, had seen many allied and child industries/businesses either grew, get clubbed with others or even, perished, time and again. But services like web-hosting has only found the way up and matured since its humble beginnings.

The demand came from people of almost all sects of society. From business magnates to part-time bloggers, the involvement of people on the internet has been increasing exponentially. Since everyone seems to be interested in having their own online representation, their own website or blog, the desire to get noticed or to expand their business, they all also require a web hosting provider. Internet users and new websites are growing exponentially these days, so it is safe to say that the future of web hosting is pretty bright.

With the diversified web hosting plans, resources and features have become more abundant and the prices have plunged to all-time lows with more specialized hosting services being launched. Also, the market has expanded in recent years. Big companies, resellers to small startups are hoping to make a fortune out of this business. Besides providing the basic web-hosting services, many add-on web hosting related services are attracting more customers and building up the competition.

Earlier, for a customer who is looking forward to creating a blogging site, he would have to go through various providers for different requirements such as domain name registration, hosting plans subscription, website development, and at times, IT consultancies. This would be a tiring task and if the customer is not technically sound, they would eventually end up having almost nothing but shattered dreams. But the times have changed. Providers like GoDaddy and Hostgator are now offering complete solutions where customers can get working on their own internet space quickly and easy. This, in turn, has shaped the web-hosting business to include more services, suitable for both tech-savvy people and non-technical entrepreneurs.

About iScripts AutoHoster

iScripts AutoHoster is standalone application to help you start your own web hosting business. This hosting software provides account management and billing service for your web hosting business. It has an integrated online site builder application. This allows your users to create professional looking websites in minutes and publish them to their hosting account. Another important capability is an integrated helpdesk application to provide customer support to your clients. An integrated affiliate program is also included to help you market your new hosting company. 

iScripts AutoHoster allows real time domain name registrations for the hosting accounts. This is accomplished through integrating multiple domain registrars APIs. iScripts AutoHoster includes full versions of iScripts EsayCreate and iScripts SupportDesk integrated. A lite version of Autohoster is also available without either EasyCreate or SupportDesk for the existing web hosts with helpdesk or site builder application already exist.

iScripts AutoHoster Customer: MeineHP

Why iScripts AutoHoster – Comprehensive hosting management software

Server Management - iScripts AutoHoster

Although the competition is quite strong, there is still room for new ideas and service models. And for aspiring entrepreneurs, the journey to their dream projects is smoother than it seems. Even the big companies are also supporting the rookie players through their reseller schemes. Further, in order to set up and running a web hosting system, you may not need to reinvent the wheel. The market now has plenty of pre-built web hosting management scripts available which can be set up shop and run in just a few steps. to set. With the online marketplace flooding with commercial and open source scripts, it is always better to opt for an open source script instead of their proprietary counterparts as the hosting business environment is all about constant changes and updations. The scope of expansion for open source scripts, in general, itself, is huge.

iScripts AutoHoster is an ideal solution among the currently available list of web-hosting scripts. It comes with complete client management, billing, and support system for hosting businesses. iScripts AutoHoster is a standalone open source script tailored for hosting providing business requirements. This one-of-a-kind software package can help you start your own web hosting business, regardless if you are an existing company, individual or startup.

From account management, online billing and domain registration to signup, iScripts AutoHoster includes all these features to easily run your independent hosting business. In a way, it automates all of the main processes including real-time registration of domains, the creation of hosting accounts, orders handling and sending of invoices.

Features of iScripts AutoHoster include responsive design for the user site, built-in fraud detection systems (min-fraud), multiple payment gateway support (PayPal, Authorize.net, 2Checkout etc.) and support for various domain reseller account integration and multiple hosting control panel support.

Every aspect of the system is controlled from a single powerful admin panel. Invoice editing features, user management, site operation mode selection and more are all within admin control.

Additionally, it comes with an integrated help-desk, iScripts SupportDesk, so that your staff can provide further help to your customers in an organized manner. But that’s not all! A power-packed website builder script, iScripts EasyCreate, is definitely an added advantage. With the Site Builder, your customers can set up their website and host from your servers itself.
With this incredible script, you are providing your customers with every possible requirement they are looking for and you are receiving everything needed in a single bundle, saving a great amount of time. The possibility to expand your services is also made easier with this un-encrypted open-source script. While it is, without doubt, the need for web and app hosting services will continue to grow, the market will stay fresh and open for new innovations. But, it is the one with genuine ideas and methods are prone to be successful in the long run. New customer segments will appear, services will continue to specialize in addressing those needs. Thus, it is better to start early and earn the market’s front row title.

iScripts AutoHoster- Most Recent updates

Recent Updates Implemented

  • Design Revamp: The revamped home page was designed to be responsive while giving your site a fresh and updated look. If you seek a specific design or want to tweak it at all, there are options available such as an iScripts customization.
  • Site builder: The site builder has been updated to its latest version to ensure smooth functionality and maintenance.
  • SupportDesk: Support Desk has been updated to its latest version. Using this aspect of the software, you can manage all support inquiries and any related issues your users may face. It’s a complete IT ticketing system included in your purchase!
  • Performance Improvement – We pride ourselves in the software we create. We also take into account our own customers’ experiences and the feedback they provide. By doing this along with running routine tests, we can develop the software over time. iScripts AutoHoster has been improving over the years and is at its most ideal state.

In addition, we have the ability to modify and tweak the script, while adding any additional features or site design changes. Just tell us your thoughts and any budget specifics or limitations. We will work with you to provide the best options!

Have questions about iScripts AutoHoster and how it can work with your existing business or online business idea? Call us at (312) 423-6728 for all your queries. We’d be indeed glad to guide you through the working of our software and any additional business needs or features you may require. You can also check out the demo below:

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