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A Complete Drive-Thru Application for Restaurants

by Mariya Parackal
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Drive-Thru Restaurants were prevalent since the 1930s. These allowed people to drive by the restaurant kiosk to place their orders and collect the food from their car. It helped people to cope with their busy lifestyle and get their food on the go.

The specialty of the fast-food franchises and the fast serving eateries became popular around the 1960s. However, in the earlier days, there were some challenges related to the drive-thru format. For instance, the customers had to wait in their cars in long queues as there were only single lanes.

Furthermore, the restaurants used static menu boards, which confused the customers and the operators when the restaurant sold out all food items. The staff interacted through an analog setting intercom connecting headsets of the employees. You can also check the Challenges Online Food Delivery Restaurants face. However, the modern drive-thru system has witnessed numerous technological advancements.

Features of Modern Drive-Thru Application

The modern Drive-thru service is replete with several features. Here you can click on the selected item and collect and take it away from your car. The online ordering facility of the application helps you to place an order beforehand and save more time.

You can use the mobile application to order from the website. The restaurant also offers multiple lanes for takeout facilities so that the customers are no longer stuck in long queues. It keeps the traffic flow regular, and you can pick up the food from the designated place.

Another convenience of this system is that the waiters take orders from customers using POS tablets. The customers can clear payment quickly using credit cards, e-wallet money, etc., processed using the POS software.

The GPS tracking features enable seamless order fulfillment by serving the customers waiting to collect their orders. Modern services also allow service kiosks. Here the customers can view orders add the items to the buying list and check-in into the application system using POS solutions to make payments and collect food.

The application also provides notification about the food order confirmation. Moreover, the display boards also alert the buyers about the status of the order. Thus, the application ensures automated orders and enhances delivery speed. Hence these modern features of the contemporary Drive-thru application of the restaurant ensure customer satisfaction.

Benefits of the Drive-thru Application

Firstly it ensures the convenience of the customers who can order their food, pay, and receive their order while still being inside their cards. The use of the application makes the process even faster and error-free. The primary selling point of the drive-thru restaurants is their ability to provide food to hungry customers in an organized manner instantly.

The application enables better connectivity amongst different restaurant departments connected by one software system, and this information sharing becomes more effortless.

Secondly, the restaurants can offer better service to all customers and cater to more people than they could fit in their dining halls indoors. The waiters’ POS tablets in the drive-thru update the menu in real-time and help evade any confusion. The tablets can process credit cards as well.

The devices are designed with a long-lasting battery and thus last for the waiter’s shift. The drive-thru window order system uses workstations with sophisticated technology, enabling the staff to handle their tasks faster.

The self-service kiosk displays are available in landscape and portrait format and are easy to handle for the customers to place their orders. The application enables the staff and customers to be part of this system to access the menu and place orders without any error.

Thirdly, The drive-thru system increases the revenue generation of the restaurant. It adds more options for the eatery to make money by serving the customers who are in a hurry or need food instantly. At the same time, those who want to sit and relax while having their food can enjoy the dining halls.

Again by using drive-thru application uses multichannel kitchen displays that update information in real-time according to food availability. It shows an update of the order, preparation time, and estimated time of delivery. It displays the order details, and thus the restaurant staff can easily pick up the order and correctly deliver it to the customers.

Drive-Thru Ordering System

How to Set Up a Drive-Thru Ordering System at Your Restaurant?

  1. Determine how customers will place orders
  2. Figure out where customers will receive their orders
  3. Make a plan for collecting payments
  4. Decide how to direct traffic
  5. Prepare the kitchen for drive-thru orders

Ways to Increase Drive-Thru Orders

  1. Invest in proper signage
  2. Create a drive-thru menu
  3. Spread the word about your restaurant drive-thru
  4. Use tech to your advantage

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