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8 Online Food Delivery Challenges For New Restaurants

by Mariya Parackal
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When we consider any profitable business, the food and beverage sector has been preferred for a long time, and for good reason too. New age facilities such as online food delivery and gig economy apps like Uber Eats have provided the industry with massive and sustained growth.

The online food delivery restaurant business might seem enticing but in order to succeed in it you much be aware of certain challenges too.

In this blog, we will point out eight critical challenges such businesses face and how to resolve them:

1. Handling all orders Manually

Online Food Delivery Restaurants

You would find that once you start your online food delivery business would soon grow in size, wherein you would have to deal with multiple orders. It is sometimes seen that these orders are being manually handled. But it could cause gross inefficiencies and delivery delays, which might tarnish your image and severely hamper your online food business. To prevent this from happening, it is best that right from the beginning; you automate the process. It would help to eliminate human errors and make it efficient.

2. Using Multiple Ordering Platforms

If you are accepting orders from various ordering platforms, you might have to manage many devices. Managing and catering to them is pretty challenging. Servicing the different ordering platforms can be extremely difficult for you. The best way to resolve this problem is to have an integrated Point of Sale (POS) system. Through this, the system would pull in orders from various platforms and send them to your customized POS. A restaurant owner could manage door to door delivery process in many ways.

3. Rapidly Growing Operating & Variable Costs

The profit margins of most restaurant businesses are often relatively low. It is, therefore, vital that you keep track of all the operational and variable costs. Unless they are adequately monitored and tracked closely, it could easily lead to losses. Unless you are good at spreadsheets, it may not be possible to track the same. To ensure that they are correctly tracked, you can use POS software, accounting, and scheduling platforms. 

Online Food Delivery Restaurants

4. Managing Menus across different online ordering platforms

Setting up and managing multiple menus can indeed be a significant challenge. For the success of your food business, the menu you have plays a key role. Thus, when dealing with menus across various ordering platforms, you must make sure that they are managed well. For example, if you have a quick menu change, it must be conveyed quickly to the ordering platforms. Here again, you need to automate the process that handles everything from multiple platforms and locations. 

5. Not having Real-Time Sales Data for food being sold online

Having regular sales data online regarding the food being sold is essential data to keep track of. It is critical data that would empower you to decide rightly on business matters. To have this vital data in real-time, you need seamless integration systems. It can again be done by utilizing suitable POS systems.

6. Need for syncing the stock being displayed on the ordering platforms

Here is another requirement that needs to be integrated into the POS system to reflect the real-time position. Your customers would order out of the menu being displayed on the ordering platforms. It is vital that when the customers are placing the orders, the stock position is adjusted on the ordering platforms. Otherwise, there could be serious confusion, which must be prevented at all costs. The stock must also be replenished as well on the ordering menu.

7. Handling frequently changing Consumer behavior

In the current times where so many options are available to customers, consumer behavior changes frequently. So, you, as a dynamic restaurateur, need to assess the rapidly evolving consumer behavior concerning food. If you can successfully track the changes, you can act and decide rightly and design effective strategies to succeed. Along with your POS System, you also need reporting systems that would provide you with the essential data.

Online Food Delivery Restaurants

8. Understanding and implementing practical training needs

It is a fast-changing world now. The restaurant businesses’ needs are changing rapidly, and your staff must be in tune with the changes to meet the challenges posed by these rapid changes. To meet the changes, you need the right training strategies that would take care of this all-important need.

To conclude, we can say that the online food restaurant business can indeed be lucrative for you if you handle it rightly. We hope that the considerations and solutions mentioned here would certainly help you build a successful online food restaurant business quickly.

Here is the list of best online food delivery apps, so you don’t have to take much time to select among the apps. 

Restaurants currently using an online system report a considerable increase in order frequency over time. By implementing an online ordering system, restaurants can successfully generate incremental revenue while reducing labor, increasing order accuracy and freeing up employees to handle in-person customers rather than being tied up on the phone handling an order.

How to Create an Online Food Delivery App For Your Restaurant?

People have a large number of options to select among the food ordering and delivery apps. If you are in search of building an app similar to the apps in the above list, here is an open-source script to help you to create your app.

iScripts Team is focused on the current restaurant business demands and we are happier to announce the new Driver feature app for the Online Restaurant Delivery Software, iScripts NetMenus.

iScripts NetMenus offers an on-demand food delivery feature from local restaurants with the help of a driver. Customers choose menu items from a restaurant, then drivers pick up the food and deliver the food to customers.

By saving time and money, you can place all your focus on attaining restaurants and increasing traffic. Driver app features are also added in the single app. It allows customers to order easily from the nearby restaurants and deliver to the doorsteps. Take a look at the demo, and try to create your own website with this platform in minutes.

online food delivery

The iScripts NetMenus Enterprise is an Online Multi-Restaurant Ordering System that is defined as a simple and convenient way for customers to purchase food online, without having to go to the restaurant. This platform provides a web platform and an iOS Android mobile Application.

NetMenus Enterprise is an open-source PHP online food ordering software without code encryption. This means you can customize your marketplace at any time in order to fit your specific site needs. Know the top nine delivery driver applications that have changed how we perceive food delivery services globally.

As discussed in the article, creating an on-demand business is in trend and one of the best startup options. If you are looking into investing in a similar online food order and delivery platform, make sure to include such features along with the basic requirements to become the next big name in the industry!

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