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Privacy Analyser: An Automated Framework for Privacy Policy Analysis

by Mariya Parackal
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A chatbot is a special application using Artificial Intelligence (AI). It conducts a conversation with users. The chatbots are designed as how humans talk to conversational partners. Most of the brands are using chatbots to communicate with their customers and market their products. So, have you heard about a chatbot that shares the details regarding the company privacy policies?

Do You Read Privacy Policies?

We know that most companies inform their users about sharing practices and data collection through their privacy policies. These policies are also difficult to understand. Users are continuously frustrated by complex privacy policies, unreachable privacy settings, and a multitude of emerging standards.

Privacy Analyser offers users a more intuitive and natural interface to inquire about their privacy settings. It allows users to control their privacy. Artificial intelligence is used to teach their program how to pick websites’ data protection policies. 

What is Privacy Analyser?

Privacy Analyser uses deep learning and artificial intelligence to create an easy to read summary of any online privacy policy. Privacy Analyser allows you to know more about the details that a company is collecting and sharing about you with the help of deep learning algorithms.

The main advantage is that you don’t have to read the complete privacy policy to understand what permissions are you giving at the time of sign-up. The program uses simple graphs and color codes to show users exactly how their data could be used. 

Privacy Analyser is a new website that uses its machine-learning-trained app to automatically read and make sense of any online service’s privacy policy. It will take only 30 seconds for Policy Analyser to read a complete privacy policy and extract a readable summary. The summary will be in a flow chart model. It includes details like what kind of data does the service collects? Where does this data could be sent? Can a user opt-out of the collecting and sharing process? 

Purpose of Privacy Analyser

The chat interface of Privacy Analyser will answer the questions about privacy policies. The tool will help to unlock the policy secrets like how tech firms are using your data. Users can ask privacy policy questions to the automated chatbot.

In real-time with high accuracy, the chatbot will answer to the relevant questions. An AI chatbot can understand language wider than a set of pre-programmed commands and continues learning based on the inputs it receives. It can make changes based on patterns and become smarter over time.

The purpose of privacy policies is to inform users how companies collect data and store their personal details. Privacy Analyser supports both structured and free queries about the content with the power of ML. There are service providers that improved the simplicity and readability of privacy policies. The main thing is these policies are difficult to follow. 

Features of Privacy Analyser

  • Conversational AI – The conversation builder helps you leverage Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning – Extract actionable insight with complex custom models
  • Omnichannel – Possible to integrate with any communication channels 
  • Conversational UX – Users get the most out of every interaction
  • Analytics & Reporting – Users can Create custom dashboards and monitor the things they need. 
  • Privacy & Security – Keeping the data secure is the utmost priority. 

Privacy Analyser Works to Solve the Problem

By proposing an automatic and comprehensive framework for privacy policies we overcome the scalability hurdle. It will divide the privacy policy into fragments of text. These self-contained fragments are referred to as segments. Policy Analyser annotates the privacy policy with high accuracy at a fine scale. Each segment has a set of labels describing the data practices. 

Privacy Analyser uses these segments to enable scalable, dynamic, and multi-dimensional queries on privacy policies. 

For example; Connect the website for Questo, Privacy Analyser will instantly find the privacy policy and show the details to the user. The details include what does the site collects from IP address, device ID, location, and demographics. It also shows how these data sources are used in advertising, marketing and the site itself. 

The app shows the flow of the data being collected, the reasons behind that, and the choices given to the user in the privacy policy. The user can check the policy statements for each type of information, reason, and option.


Privacy Analyser is a tool used to get an AI-powered summary of any privacy policy. Privacy Analyser can assist users, researchers, and regulators and the framework enables detailed automatic analysis of privacy policies. The hierarchy to build Privacy Analyser was extracting information from both high-level privacy practices and fine-grained information from privacy policies. Privacy Analyser is not created to replace the privacy policy, it seems to offer pretty good information to significant users.

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