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How to Build a Hotel Booking Site like Trivago?

by Mariya Parackal
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Nowadays, booking a holiday had become confusing. Years back we planned our holiday place by visiting a travel agency and tell them about the places you need to visit. With the arrival of the internet, everything got changed. 

Trivago is a place that guides you to choose the best vacation. It allows users to compare hotel deals and find the best prices quickly and easily.

Do you know know what is a meta-search engine is? 

A meta-search engine is an application of fetching the data from the search of other search engines.

Trivago is a meta-search engine for hotels. It is connected to several Online Travel Agencies all over the world like Booking. com, Make My Trip, Yatra, Flyin, Expedia, etc 

From huge players to territorial travel companies, Trivago can accumulate a lot of data and show it perfectly for hotel seekers. 

From the huge players to littler territorial travel organizations, Trivago can accumulate a lot of data, distill it and show it perfectly for hotel seekers.

How does Trivago work?

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To understand the business model of Trivago, let’s look at the business model of Trivago. There are different elements that help Trivago to function in a profit-driven manner.

Trivago earns a referral commission when you discover the best deals on a hotel or resort. Trivago efficiently catch the booking necessities given by user on site. The site will be linked with PMS for constant refresh to access hotel.

The user needs to give details like name, email, destination, number of days, dates, number of rooms and other requirements. 

Once you finish the travel details, then the traveler can continue to complete the payment using a secure payment portal.  

The key elements Trivago depends on are:

  • Availability
  • Accommodation
  • Customization
  • Brand

Trivago combines hotels from various sources and displays these hotels to users on search criteria. Trivago helps users to get hotels with the best rates from more than 250 booking sites. 

Users can’t book on Trivago. The only thing they can do is choose a hotel. For booking, you will be redirected to OTA’s like Expedia, Yatra, etc. 

The customer segment is divided into two forms:

  • Partners – Hotels, Media, Online Travel Companies
  • Guests – Comprises travelers who prefer online booking.

How does Trivago earn money?

Listing fee: A fee paid by hotels to get listed on Trivago’s platform. 

Subscription fee: Trivago puts an option for hotels to edit profiles and relevant information regarding the offers. This is a better way to target customers. For these services, Trivago charges subscription fees. 

Referral revenue: It is the biggest revenue generator in the business model of Trivago. It earns revenue as commissions from individual hotels listed in Trivago. When a user clicks on the particular hotel it will be charged on the basis of the CPC model. So, CPC or CPA are two important factors in making money. 

How to Start a Hotel Reservation Platform like Trivago?

The two different approaches to build your online booking platform are:

  • Custom sites for those with a lot of money and time.
  • Readymade scripts to develop similar site

Online hotel booking scripts can be effectively used to release a site like Trivago. You can also utilize this for other booking needs like cab, appointments, or anything that your booking site is focussed on. 

The key elements needed in an online booking website are:

  • Landing page
  • Choice to choose the area and currency
  • Best destinations option
  • Choice of sorting based on cost, popularity, rating, etc.
  • Map Integration
  • Option to view the deal
  • Real pictures of Hotel
  • Rating feature for hotels

Trivago Clone Script

iScripts Reservlogic is the clone script of Trivago. It is an open-source script where you can make any custom changes. The script is ideal for resorts, motels, travel companies and more.

If you have a plan to build a website similar to Trivago, then it is not that hard to create one using Trivago Clone Script

Check out iScripts ReserveLogic Demo

iScripts ReserveLogic Live Demo

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