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Seamless Clone Script

by Aji Abraham

Do you admire online food order and delivery websites like Seamless.com? Even though it may seem unattainable at first thought, you can easily create your own online ordering and food delivery website using a Seamless clone script. The experienced programmers at iScripts recently developed a script similar to Seamless.com that incorporates many of the same features as this major food order and delivery website. iScripts NetMenus was developed keeping in mind the needs of small businesses and startups looking for similar opportunities.

iScripts NetMenus is a total online ordering solution that allows you to instantly create an online food court.

The powerful administration area allows you to list participating restaurants, customize menus, manage user plans, memberships and more.

How can you start your own delivery business? Simply install the NetMenus script on a server of your choice and contact local food establishments to set up your partnerships.  you can offer the site to a local niche market, or scale your target and scope as wide as you would like. Or you could also start the site to reach a larger area, but include only bakeries, Asian food or another specific niche of your choice.

This platform provides you with everything you need to build your online delivery business. If you find yourself wanting to change a feature now or in the future, there is more good news! This open source script has no code encryption and gives you the ability to customize the site at any time in order to fit your needs.  Use your own php programmer or ask the affordable team at iScripts to create your perfect site solution.

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