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What is the purpose of a Ready-made Clone Scripts?

by Mariya Parackal
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The word “clone scripts” could give you a wrong impression initially. You might have a doubt whether this a copy of any website. The answer is No.

Clone scripts are not a copy of exiting website, instead, they are independent web applications that are developed from scratch by the experts. 

It is a cost-effective way to start an online venture. 

Imagine that you are going to start a new business, the first thing you need is a website. Your business website can be an on-demand website, eCommerce website, online reservation website or any kind of website. You can use readymade clone scripts as a quick way to build your website. 

Readymade clone scripts are the replicate script of a similar concept. You can optimize the clone script, improve the design and functionality as per your needs. 

What is Website Clone Scripts?

Website cloning is a process by which a programmer creates a website script with a similar design as the pre-existing website. The resulting website is the website clone and the script is website clone script. 

In short, it is nothing but a new website developed from the inspiration of a successful website. The cloned websites may have the same features and workflows of the existing website. 

So, the question here comes is, Does it legal?

Is Website Cloning legal or not?

The answer is YES. Website cloning is absolutely legal. 

It is actually copying the concept, not copying the code of the existing website. If coding comes the same then that would be a violation of property and patent laws.  A clone script is an alternate code or architecture of an existing website. 

The purpose of the website clone script is, it helps entrepreneurs to start businesses rapidly with popular and unique features and minimize the startup costs.  The website clone developers will add special features to have a unique experience to the users. 

How clone scripts are beneficial for startups?

Here comes the beneficial part of clone scripts. Let’s see how all it can be beneficial to startups.

1. Customizable and scalable

Clone scripts are open source codes that can be customized and scaled as per your requirements. 

2. Quick and easy launch

As your app is built from clone scripts, the major problems are already solved so it will reduce the time of development and launch time. The services will approve and upload your apps to native platforms without any renewals. 

3. Cost-effective

The research cost and developing cost of an app from scratch will include in the UI design cost. As the clone apps are the recreation of popular businesses they don’t need great brand advertising. 

4. High chances of success

Clone scripts are made of proven popular high-value businesses so that the chance of hitting is higher. 

5. Less effort and research

The use of clone apps are safe in the business. Because technically there will be only less risk. Here, the need for business planning, market research, and user interface design implementation are actually not necessary. Less amount of sources and researches are required while relying on a successful business.

6. Technical Knowledge

While you are using a clone script you don’t need any technical knowledge. So you can handle your site more easily. The script will be made by expert developers and designers. 

7. Less Expensive

The cost of creation is very less compared to building from scratch. It will save your time, efforts, and money. While using a clone script there is no need to hire a company that develops websites or any software developers. Only you have to do is to install the developed clone script.

8. Available Conveniently

It is easy to get a ready to use readymade script. So, you don’t have to make any changes in coding and hence it will save your time and money. 

9. Instant Solution

When you have a plan to start a business within 2 months and you are looking for a script to develop from scratch then it will definitely take more than 6 months with no bugs and it will cost a large amount. At the same time while using a readymade script it provides instant solutions. 

Clone Scripts of Popular Websites

  • For On-demand Service Platform like Uber: UberforX
    Know how to create a website like Uber. And use Uber Clone Script to build an on-demand service market platform.
  • For online multi-restaurant ordering system like Grubhub: NetMenus
    Know how to create a website like Grubhub and use Grubhub Clone Script to build an online restaurant delivery platform.
  • For multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace like Amazon: Multicart
    Know how to create a website like Amazon and use Amazon Clone Script to build a multi-vendor shopping cart platform.
  • For online printing and custom design products like CustomInk: PrintLogic.
    Know how to create a website like CustomInk and use CustomInk Clone Script to build an online design and printing software.
  • For online store builder and hosting system like Volusion: GoStores
    Know how to create a website like Volusion and use the Volusion Clone script to build an eCommerce website builder.

Things to know before buying a clone script

For one who is planning to buy a clone script for your business must need a checklist before buying the script. Here are the top 5 things to be considered before buying a clone script. 

Ask for Demo: Try the demo of the website or app provided by the companies and check the usability and functionality of the app. 

Analyze Market: Try to choose clone scripts from companies other than freelancers. Because companies provide more support. Try to get a quote from companies and choose one from them. 

Customization: Know what will be the price range for customization and read terms and conditions about the company you purchase. 

Packages: The price range of clone scripts varies according to the type of script. Think wisely and choose the package and try premium packages it will provide more features. 

Technical Guy: If you are not technically sound, then hire a technical guy who can support you with the process. It is good to have a team to test the clone script. You can optimize the clone script by adding additional features and bug fixes with the help of your team.

Here, in this blog, you have learned about what is clone scripts and what are the important things to be considered before buying a ready-made clone script. Go through the iScripts clone scripts and choose a script that fits your business, then build your business more easily using that clone script.

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