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Choose your currency and payment method. You may enable PayPal and a credit card payment gateway. Credit card gateway options are, BluePay, YourPay, or WorldPay. If you would like to enable these payment gateways, you may check the ‘Enable’ boxes, as well as set up an account for each method.

Click on the payment gateway logos provided to begin the setup.

In order to setup Paypal, you will need to find the Paypal Identity Token. To obtain your PayPal Identity Token, follow the steps listed below:

1. Log in to your PayPal account.

2. Click on this Link:

3. Choose "ON" for Auto Return and add a Return URL

4. Choose "ON" for "Payment Data Transfer" under this you will find your Identity Token

5. Click "Save"

Note: ‘Sandbox/Test Mode’ is used to test the checkout. Under test mode, you may add to a cart and purchase a product just as a customer would, but no payments would actually be transacted. When you are ready to accept payments, you may uncheck the option for sandbox mode and it will then be disabled.

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