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Does the script have a cash-on-delivery payment option or bank transfer implementation?    

This is not available as of now, but iScripts GoStores does support phone orders for online stores. In this case, the admin can create or add an order for an existing customer. The software is developed based on general business ideas collected from real entrepreneurs. The functionality mentioned is an exclusive business idea and can be added to the script with some modification as the iScripts GoStores source code is unencrypted.

iScripts GoStores may not accept cash-on-deliver or bank transfers as payment; however, the software does support 8 of the most trusted payment gateways available. iScripts GoStores supports not only the largest processors including Paypal and GoogleCheckout, but also 2 Checkout, Braintree, WorldPay, Ogone, Quickbook, and Moneybookers. Also, you can accept offline credit cards. This allows payments to be processed with an existing POS system.

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