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When is the customer payment transferred to seller?    

The current functioning of iScripts MultiCart is as the seller adds products to the software, customers buy products from the seller and the payment is transferred to the admin. Once the product is actually shipped to the customer, the seller can set the product status as shipped. Finally, when the product is delivered to the customer, the customer will need to change his purchase status as 'delivered'. Now the seller can request for payment from the admin. The admin can settle seller payments after taking the commission. The admin can settle the payments by clicking on the ‘Finance’ tab, then click on ‘Settlements’.

The payment settings as well as commission can be choose. You can have the payment sent directly to the admin or you can split the payment between the administrator and the vendor, but to most effectively use this method, all of the sellers must have a Paypal account. On iScripts MultiCart, you can adjust the payment methods and settings by clicking on ‘Settings’ then ‘Payment Settings’. You can change the administrator commission rate in the ‘General Settings’ tab. You can even enable seller memberships and plans under the same section.

Here at iScripts, we have choose the most trusted payment processors for setting up your online marketplace through iScripts MultiCart. iScripts MultiCart is already programmed for Paypal,, First Data Global, BluePay, and WorldPay. If there is a payment gateway that you would like to add that we do not currently support, please contact us at sales@iscripts.comor call 800-569-5538.


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