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Why is someone's profile hidden?    

Users can make their profile visible or invisible under the account settings tab.  You can choose ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to make the profile visible. The user info will be hidden if it is set as invisible. With these settings, you will not be able to see the ‘about me’ section or any of the other information on the profile. If the profile is set visible, then all of the user’s information on their profile will be displayed including their birthdate, age, and location.

It is beneficial for the user to hide their profile if there is personal information posted on their profile that they do not want to display; however, they would like to be active in the network or community. This is one feature that iScripts SocialWare has implemented as additional security. Users can also enable or disable the comments, bulletins, and ratings on their profile in the ‘account settings’ section. The users can also customize their account and choose under the ‘account settings’ which features they would like to ‘allow friends to view’ such as blogs, forum posts, photo album, groups, or classifieds posted. It is easy to edit the rest of the profile and change the settings on iScripts SocialWare. You can change your profile picture, mood, and avatar in just a few clicks. The users can post updates on the wall and create quizzes to share with their network along with other great features.

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