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Is there an option for paying a small advance for booking and the remaining amount of the same booking at a later stage, or there an option for the cash payment to settle the remaining cost? How is the offline payment system works?    

There is an option for this. The amount that needs to be paid in advance will be decided by the administrator (hotel owner). If the advance payment is set to zero, it means it is an offline payment that is needed and the online booking is the same as a simple reservation.

When you choose the ‘Reservation Mode’ you can set reservations so that they are processed with or without advance payments. The reservation payment can be set to either an exact number as mentioned above or it can be set to a certain percentage of the room rate.

These settings can be customized or adjusted to fit your business’ needs since the software is open source. Feel free to contact us at for a free estimate for any of the modifications that you would like to make on iScripts ReserveLogic.

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