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How do you accept a partial payment or different payment amount in the system if you agree on a different rate? Having this default to what the original payment screen may have said isn't very effective. Deals or reduced rates are made all the time.    


There is a provision for the location owner or admin to set an advance amount for a booking or reservation. While booking the room, this is the only fee that needs to be paid up front.

You can also offer seasonal rates and specials. With the iScripts ReserveLogic software, the price of the rooms can increase or decrease depending upon the date. The price can shift based on a sliding scale that the administrator or site owner would set.

If you would like to customize the online booking software, we have a team of developers available to help you add any features or make any other modifications to the script. Send us an email to with all of your iScripts ReserveLogic requirements and we can then provide you with a free project estimate.

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