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World’s Best Online Deal Websites Today

by Sherine Mariam
Best online deals

With the trend and demand for online services are increasing, people also look for good reviews, ratings, and discounts. The easiest way to look into the best deals and offers available for different brands is to use an online deals website. There are more than a handful of deal-of-the-day websites that work online.

All online eCommerce websites are coming up with enormous discounts and offering on their products. These online deals websites are a great place to promote them easily. Let us have a closer look at the:

World’s top 15 online deals websites

1. Brad’s Deals

Brad’s Deals is an 18-year-old online deals website and claims to have more than 5 million shoppers every month. It grew its workplace from a one-person company to a 50+ employee-based company in 2019. The website provides coupons and offers for all major shopping categories including apparels, furniture, travel, credit cards, and entertainment.

2. Cashbackbase

Cashbackbase is a discount and offers website exclusively for Amazon products. It is the best strategy to use to get major discounts to up to 100% on Amazon products with buyers saving a large sum of money online.

3. Clark Deals

Just as the two sides of a coin, even online deal websites also have its share of pros and cons.

Clark Deals is another online deals website founded by the renowned artist Clark Howard providing offers on all basic stuff online including apparels, travel, gadgets, luggage, etc.

4. Woot Deals and Shenanigans

Woot was founded in 2004 and was acquired by Amazon in 2010. This online deals website began with a single product offer a day and has now extended to seven categories that include:

  • Home & Kitchen
  • Electronics
  • Computers
  • Tools & Garden
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Shirt
  • Gourmet

The Woot family has thrown to a larger family consisting of websites: Woot.com, Tech.woot, Home.woot, Sport.woot, Shirt.woot, Kids.woot,  Wine.woot, Sellout.woot and Deals.woot.

5. DealNews

Being one among the most visited sites in the United States with its service commenced in 1997, DealNews is among the best online deals website covering up to all major categories available in the online marketplace.

6. Dealsplus

DealsPlus is a social commerce and online coupon deals website. Founded in 2006, it sources offers and coupons from its community of users as well as a group named Money Makers. Apart from crowd-sourced community deals, DealsPlus collaborates with vendors to secure exclusive offers for its users.

7. RetailMeNot

Adiós to the people’s favorite Deals2Buy. Deals2Buy is now upgraded to a new version of the same and named as RetailMeNot. This is an online deals website with high scope to earn cashback and save a lot! RetailMeNot covers all major categories of shopping featuring some of the world’s favorite and exclusive brands.

8. GoodSearch

The GoodSearch.com online deals website has now upgraded to a better and user-friendly version as Goodshop. It is a new way of saving earning money like that of a community tree. Once you register on the website and signup for Goodshop Circles to earn cashback. You will also benefit extra redeemable points for every purchase in your circle. The GoodSearch is a Yahoo-powered online deal search engine closes collaborating with humanitarian causes.

9. Gotta Deal

The GottaDEAL website is another people preferred an online deal website. GottaDEAL is a forum website that allows users to share and discuss the latest deals, coupons, and offers. Like other forum websites, it provides a platform for individuals to share information and engage with one another on various topics. However, the focus of GottaDEAL is specifically on finding and sharing the best deals and discounts available.

Special Offers and Coupon Codes Online

10. Groupon

This name does not require any introduction. The first name that comes in mind when we say online deals websites is Groupon. Groupon is an American eCommerce marketplace that connects users with local vendors by offering deals on travel, goods, and services in 15 countries.

11. Hips2Save

Hips2Save is not just confined to being an online deals website that provides the latest deals in webshops, online bargain rates, free products and coupons but also provides a wide range of budget-friendly recipes, craft and travel tips, and much more. This website is updated every ten minutes interval with new content and offers. Similar to the eCommerce website, Hips2Save provides a wishlist feature named as the Hip List to save deals as per your convenience to use in the near future!

12. Honey

Honey is a free browser extension that assists users in finding and applying coupon codes while shopping online. Simply add it to your computer with a few clicks, and when you shop on participating websites, Honey will search for coupon codes and apply the one with the highest savings to your cart. Honey is utilized by over 17 million members and works with over 30,000 stores, receiving high ratings and many positive reviews on the Chrome Store.

13. Living Social

Living Social is another sought after online deals website which is now under the most popular website, Groupon. The different types of deals that are showcased on Living Social are:

  • Local-area based deals: Find special deals and offers at local shops, salons, restaurants and other small-scale enterprises in the localized region. 
  • Living Social Travel: You can book travel packages and hotel/ homestay accommodations at great prices on Living Social. This offer is not restricted to the localized region but can be used to travel to any country.
  • Living Social Events: Partner with Live Nation and other ticket sellers, Living Social provides you access to best-in deals on tickets for live events.
  • Living Social Shop: Browse thousands of products, and when you find something you like, we’ll ship it directly to you.

14. TechBargains

TechBargains is one of the leading online destinations for the best deals in the online marketplace on the most sought after products and electronic gadgets and household goods.

15. PocketBuddy

PocketBuddy is a tool that helps users maximize their credit card rewards and points while shopping online. It actively curates campaigns and recommends the best payment method for each store to ensure that users get the most points and rewards. With Pocket Buddy, users can easily take advantage of campaigns and offers from card companies and online merchants to get the most out of their shopping.

Want to Create a Online Deals Website?

Online Deals Websites - Groupon Model

Pros of Online Deals Website

  • One of the major benefits of owning a business is the flexibility it provides. With the ability to work from home or use it as an additional source of income, it offers a range of options to fit your needs and lifestyle. This level of flexibility makes it an appealing option for many entrepreneurs and can help to increase overall satisfaction and success in their endeavors.
  • It is quick and affordable to set up using an online website building platform such as Wordpress or iScripts GroupDeals.
  • As a website owner, you have the opportunity to generate revenue through commissions on offers and coupon codes used by your website’s visitors. Each time one of these is redeemed, you will receive a percentage of the sale, adding to your overall income. This can be a valuable source of income for your business and a great way to drive engagement and sales through your website.

Cons of Online Deals Website

  • In highly competitive industries, it can be challenging to stand out and attract user traffic. To succeed in these markets, it is important to have a strong and well-executed marketing strategy to differentiate your business and capture the attention of potential customers.
  • With the high competition, it is difficult to attract brands to post their offers on your website.
  • It is a time-consuming task as the offers will have to be updated regularly every day or several times a day.

Many of these deals websites are targetting specific niche markets or geographical areas. There is still room for new entrants to this opportunity. An existing business can offer this to its customers or new entrant to launch a new service. iScripts offers one of the most comprehensive deals platforms with vendor self-service and mobile apps called iScripts GroupDeals.

GroupDeals is a group buying and daily deals platform that allows businesses to create and manage their own group buying and daily deal campaigns website. GroupDeals offers a variety of features and tools that make it easy for businesses to create, promote, and sell group deals to customers, including customizable templates, social media integration, and advanced reporting and analytics. GroupDeals is a powerful and user-friendly platform that helps businesses drive sales and customer loyalty through targeted and effective group buying campaigns.

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