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June Customer Spotlight: ItsOurList.com

by Noyal Sharook
eswap customer

‘Its Our List’ is an online swapping platform connecting individuals who want to sell or give away unwanted items they are not using anymore. It is a complete swapping platform where people can swap one thing for another or even buy or request items they need. The website is proudly powered by iScripts eSwap bartering software and enjoys our world-class features and integrations.

About ‘Its Our List’

Ever heard of “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? Itsourlist.com is a platform that works under the same principle. As a member, you can list items you are not using in your home and are just taking up space. Other members interested in the item can offer you to either buy or swap it with a different item. 

If you are interested in buying an item, you can go through the extensive list of categories to find the exact thing you are looking for. If you don’t see anything that fits your requirement, you can even request the items through the ‘wish’ section and let members who have the particular item get back to you. The whole process is simple and takes minimal effort.

When both the parties agree to the deal, the site provides the contact details of the concerned seller, and they can make the deal externally. Itsourlist says that they are a community, not a website, and its sole aim is to help people make the worth of unused items and limit trash.

Itsourlist.com features

The Itsourlist.com website is completely based on iScripts eSwap open-source software, making customization effortless and providing everything expected from a Swapping or Bartering platform.

Here are some of its notable features:

Create Community

Itsoutlist says that they are not just a website but a community. iScript eSwap provides the perfect avenue to build long-standing communities with simple registration/login, online members and chat features.

Members can create an extensive profile, see other members who are online and even interact with them for various items. The whole website is designed to be as conversational as possible.


The Swap feature allows memes to list items that they no longer want. They can provide a detailed description of the item, add images and categorize it into different segments. Other members can then go through the ‘Swap’ page and make offers on the items.


Wish is another interesting feature of Itsourlist community. With ‘Wish’, a member user can wish for certain items that they need from other users. With the ‘Wish’ feature, the platform becomes more inclusive to all its members and provides additional avenues for barter.

Virtual currency points

Online bartering often works in the form of a virtual currency system. Members can set certain points for the items they have listed. They can then swap these items with others with similar points. Such a system keeps the simple concept of bartering intact in a digital platform and eradicates the complexity of using real money.

My booth

‘My Booth’ features of Itsourlist is a comprehensive listing section where members can add items to sale, swap or wish. Once registered, members can add a new listing by providing all details, including photos, descriptions and categories.

Advanced categorization

Itsourlist deals in a wide variety of products and services, so there was a requirement for advanced categorization. iScripts eSwap not only provides categorization based on the product category but also helps in filtering products by various factors such as:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Brand
  • Type
  • Condition
  • Seller
  • Year

Multi-device and Multi-Lingual

Another interesting feature of iScripts eSwap is that it is Multi-device compatible. A platform like Itsmylist can, at any point of its development, choose to expand to Android and Apple mobile devices. This provides an additional avenue to reach more people as the member’s list grows.

Similarly, iScripts eSwap also supports multiple other global languages, including Spanish and German, keeping in mind international audiences.

Email Newsletter

For any community-driven, swapping or selling platform to succeed, the continuous participation of its members is vital. They need to be constantly updated about new things happening on the website and new products added or requested. One way to do this is by Email Newsletters.

iScripts eSwap has a newsletter service built-in. You can easily create unique emails to your user base and send them through additional features provided in the backend. There is no need for you to look for any 3rd party services.

If you want to build a swapping or bartering website similar to Itsourlist.com, give iScripts eSwap a try:

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