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July Customer Spotlight- Vevok Store-Builder

by Noyal Sharook

Vevok is an online store-building platform that is designed to enable individuals and businesses to create online stores and sell their products quickly. They can purchase hosting, set up their domain, and have a robust store all within a matter of minutes. Vevok is proudly powered by iScripts’ turnkey store building software- GoStores.

About Vevok

Vevok helps its users build a flexible online store that they can customize, manage, and run. Once the store is live, they can add products and host them in their store’s front-end. Customers will come to the store, add products to their cart, and can make payments using one of Vevok’s trusted payment gateways. 

Vevok enables its users to customize everything from the store’s look and feel, content, payment, shipping and offers. From start to the point of completion of the store, Vevok involves just four steps:

  1. Choose your domain or sub-domain to set up base store
  2. Select a template and customize the store based on your store requirements
  3. Add products to the store and describe them well
  4. Start trial or make payment for a 3-month, 6-month, or 1-year plan
online store building steps

Vevok features

Utilizing iScripts GoStores, Vevok has enabled features that make it a complete online store-building platform on par with segment leaders such as Shopify and Wix.

Here are some of its features:


Vevok offers four different plans that users can choose. These include a free trial where individuals can test the platform before venturing into a complete solution. 

The other plans are:

  1. 3-month plan: $459
  2. 6-month plan: $819
  3. 1-year plan: $1439

All the plans get the complete suite of features such as multiple store designs, payment options, shopping cart and premium hosting. Only the number of supported products changes.

Demo pages and templates

Vevok comes with multiple store templates so that the users can customize their stores according to their unique requirements. The templates are responsive with a clean design and are made so as to catch customer attention. They are fast to load, easy to navigate and add products to checkout.

Additionally, store-owners who want to test out the front and backend of the platform also have the option to check the demo pages. Demos are available for both the user-section as well as the admin section. 

In the user section, potential store owners can go through the website as an unregistered user- register, log in, and go through all parts of the store. As Admin, they can make changes to the website from the backend and understand how to add products and customizations.

Signup and login

Once a store is created, Vevok allows former customers to create profiles and add products to their wishlist. Store owners will have all the details of new registrations, including name, email and phone number. Vevok stores can also be configured to accept guest checkouts, as not everyone wants to sign up before buying something.

Customers who sign up will be shown a list of the products they have purchased from the store. They will also be able to see the payment history and invoices.

Shipping and Payment gateways

Shipping and payment are two of the most important aspects of any eCommerce business. Utilizing iScript GoStores’ advanced API integrations, payment and shipping for Vevok stores have been seamless. 

Once a customer places the product on the checkout page, it is absolutely necessary that the payment is accepted without any hiccups. A failed payment not only leads to a bad user experience but would also mean additional steps to ensure refund and consumer redressal. Vevok allows store owners to accept payments via multiple payment methods, including credit card and Swipe.

After the payment is made, next comes shipping. Shipping is one of the biggest overheads in an eCommerce business. With iScripts FedEx, USPS API integration, Vevok customers will know real-time rates to how much the shipping will cost. This makes the whole process transparent and users are not surprised with last-minute charges.

Conclusion – ‘Vevok’ Online store-building Platform

This is how iScripts GoStores helped Vevok create a robust and reliable store-building platform like Shopify and Wix. If you are considering starting a similar platform, contact us at 1-(800)-569-5538. 

iScripts GoStore is flexible and open-source and can be customized to your requirements. Feel free to check out the demo below:

Check Out iScripts GoStores

iScripts GoStores Live Demo

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