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How to Choose Shopify Alternatives? Find Your Online Store Builder Platform

by Mariya Parackal
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Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms that allow building websites for selling products online. It has helped both small businesses and large enterprises. 

Shopify is an online business platform that helps customers to develop an online store for selling their products online. To develop an e-commerce site, Shopify helps businesses to connect with customers by implementing the necessary tools.

First of all, you need to develop your store and include whatever products you need to sell in it. Check your site to make sure that both mobile and desktop are fit for public view. After that, promote your products. While you are selling a product online, a customer will visit your online store.

However, some issues related to this platform induce the need to search for other alternatives. Most people look for other options because of specific problems like:

  • On the Shopify platform, if you do not use their payment gateway, you are charged extra money in transaction fees. Again, without their payment gateway, you can use other facilities like transactions in multiple currencies. This issue makes the sellers search for different platforms.
  • Shopify only allows primary SEO access but does not provide greater control over the website, especially in getting insight into the site’s indexing. SEO is important for enhancing outreach, so the sellers need proper access to data.
  • As your businesses progress, you are likely to introduce variety in the products. However, on Shopify, the cataloging becomes difficult and complex as the platform allows only three options for each product to be displayed.
  • Lastly, if any seller has any negative experience in terms of customer support, he looks for other alternatives. People also look for other options to receive negative reviews as well.

Pros of Shopify 

  • Easy to use 
  • Low cost for startups 
  • Free premium level themes 
  • Simpler for dropshipping 
  • Many options for customer support 

Cons of Shopify

  •  Limited Functionalities 
  • Add-ons are costly 
  • Transaction fees depending on the pricing plan 
  • Customer support is struggling to keep up

Shopify Alternatives


BigCommerce is a versatile platform and an excellent e-commerce website builder with the most extensive built-in features. It is also one of the most scalable e-commerce builders on the market. You can go to the BigCommerce clone script


Weebly is a powerful budget-friendly website builder that offers a free plan.  But the free plan doesn’t include e-commerce capabilities. If you already have a small business then it will be easy for entrepreneurs to use Weebly. 


Wix is a top website builder for tech beginners. It’s easy to use and allows anyone to build the best online store.   If you are creating a new eCommerce website without experience, Wix can make your work much easier. Wix is also a drag and drop builder and SEO-friendly site. You can go to the Wix clone script


Squarespace is the industry leader of website builders and the most popular eCommerce platform in the global market. It is an ideal solution for any creatives. Squarespace is a great choice if you are looking for an awesome storefront.


Magento is an open-source solution to build eCommerce websites and is mostly preferred by IT and web development professionals or companies. The platform is beneficial for developers on being fully customizable according to the business needs.


Volusion is another eCommerce website builder with its target audience being startup online stores and hobbyists. They lack conversion-driving tools for the websites and bills heavy taxes on engineering resources. Use the Volusion Clone script to build an eCommerce website builder.


WooCommerce It is an open-source online store builder that offers a shopping cart in addition to the brand content on the website. The platform stays back with its issues in scalability and slows down on the cost of developing the website.

online store builder platform

A number of companies like Yahoo store builder, Volusion, Shopify, Bigcommerce, and BigCartel offered online store builders, where even a novice user can create an e-commerce store and start selling in a few minutes. This opened up the floodgates for a new wave of entrepreneurs.

iScripts GoStores was created as a solution for entrepreneurs to offer easy-to-use online store builders to their clients. Basically, you can do the same thing as the e-commerce store builders mentioned above. You can think of it as a clone of the online store builders mentioned above.

Process of Selecting Shopify Alternatives

For selecting the alternative of Shopify, you have to consider certain factors and analyze those from the perspective of the new alternative. For example, if you are trying to evade any issue on the Shopify platform, you must make sure that the new platform has a proper solution.

You must also evaluate whether the new platform has any similar problem that might jeopardize your business endeavors. Only after considering it, you must make your decision.

You must also scrutinize the payment option of the new platform and check whether it allows multiple payment options or not. Ideally, the portal must allow the customers to make the payment at their convenience. For instance, some customers prefer using Visa cards to enhance their points. Again, some people resort to PayPal as it allows transactions without manual entry of the card number. 

Hence, the platform should not impose the rule of using its payment gateway or charge extra for other payment methods. So, you must choose a platform that allows multiple payment options and allows truncation in foreign currencies.

For instance, BigCommerce is one such alternative to Shopify that includes around fifty-five payment methods. Moreover, BigCommerce provides better facilities once your business soars higher.

The online store builder platform that you are selecting must have the option of optimization. It should allow the seller to manage the account according to his convenience. It is essential to customize the website design to convey its uniqueness and assure the customers’ best experience. So, you must opt for the eCommerce platform that enables making changes on the website.

It should also allow customizing the website for specific customers or for following any particular business model. This feature is a priority and must be part of the platform. The website design and graphics create an immense visual impact on the customers. So, you must pay significant attention to web design on the eCommerce platform.

Finally, you must look for an alternative that allows you to catalog the products seamlessly. On Shopify, you won’t have any issue if you have a small catalog. However, in the case of websites having diverse catalog systems, you might face complexities.

So, while selecting the new platform, you must think beforehand about this issue. As your business grows in the future, you shall have to resort to advanced technologies for managing the online platform. 

However, Shopify cannot handle advanced technologies and software. Therefore, you must select the eCommerce platform that assures the proper function of the developed software and technologies. One of the most popular alternatives of Shopify is BigCommerce.

It is a flexible and open SaaS eCommerce platform that helps businesses of all types. It includes several payment gateways, and you can customize its URL. It is also replete with the ability to check advanced SEO features. In addition, it comes with an in-app for checking the company’s social media pages.


So, suppose you are looking for other alternatives to Shopify to improve your eCommerce experience. In that case, you must consider the above-stated factors and thoroughly evaluate the pros and cons of the new platform before making your final decision.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for building an eCommerce site, then look no further than the choices on this list. There are a lot of options available for eCommerce website builders, the important thing is you have to check the features of all the website builders and find which one suits you.

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