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Doordash Clone – Delivery Clone Script

by Aji Abraham

Doordash is a popular and successful food delivery app. It allows users to get food from nearby restaurants. Drivers called dashers to deliver food directly from restaurants to the office or home of users. Unlike other delivery apps, doordash hires drivers as employees. Users can find their favorite restaurants and choose the items. Dashers will go to restaurants and pickup the items. They deliver to users fast. All the while users can track their delivery in realtime in their app.

Doordash started in 2003 in Sanfransisco, CA. They were a startup incubated at Y Combinator in Silicon Valley. Over the last few years, they raised around $200M in funding so far.

Doordash charges around 20% of each order as commission from restaurants. In return restaurants get access to a larger customer base. Drivers get a flat fee for each delivery on top of hourly wages. They also get to keep 100% of the tips.

If you were to create a platform like Dordash using a clone script you would need two parts. One is the customer-facing app where they can order and pay for food. Another app for drivers to get orders and real-time tracking. iScripts Netmenus is a doordash clone script. It offers multiple restaurant platform, along with the user app. For delivery optimizing it can be integrated with LocoLogic platform. Both Netmenus and Locologic can be fully customized to meet your exact business models.

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