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How To Earn Backlinks Using Quora in 5 Simple Steps

by Noyal Sharook

If you run a blog (or any type of website), it’s really important to have good quality backlinks pointing towards your site.

The better quality backlinks you have, the higher you can rank in Google for your keywords.

Here is a cool guide on how to earn backlinks by answering questions on Quora.

What Is Quora?

Quora is a website where people ask questions about all different topics.

It is different to other question and answer sites, because it lets you get help from other users.

You can ask a question, and someone else will respond with an answer or link to a similar topic.

This makes it much easier to find relevant information, and to receive answers from users who understand the topic that your question is about.

There are many different types of questions that people ask on Quora, but the most popular are related to jobs, finance, and lifestyle.

Why Use Quora?

There are many reasons why you should be using Quora for SEO.

Here are the top three reasons why I use Quora:

  • Earn relevant backlinks
  • Receive more website traffic
  • Display your expertise in your niche

Of course, Quora can be used for other things as well, but I love using it to create valuable content that I can link back to my blog posts.

Step 1. Create an Account on Quora

Go to Quora.com and sign up for an account.

Add a profile photo, a link to your website, your credentials, and the topics that you know about.

Filling in your profile will make you look more professional.

Step 2. Find Questions in Your Niche

Search for different keywords related to your niche, and look for questions that you can answer confidently.

Once you have found a question that you can provide a valuable answer to, click onto it, and then make sure that it has not already been answered too many times.

Step 3. Write an Answer

Take some time to write an answer that will help the person who asked the question, and anyone else who reads your answer.

In my opinion, I suggest only answering questions that you can confidently answer, this way, you know what you are writing about.

Here is an example of a really high quality answer to the question “What is the best way to build backlinks?”.

The points that they make are valuable, but not too in-depth, and easy to understand.

Add a link to a relevant article on your website that will provide the reader with even more valuable information.

The best way to do this, is to write an answer with points of information that are easy to understand, but are valuable enough to answer the original question, and then link to an article where you go over the subject in more detail.

This way, anyone that wants even more information can simply click onto your link, and read your article.

Step 5. Repeat the Process

Answer another question, and then another, giving high-quality answers to every question.

This will provide people with answers to their questions, and help you to receive backlinks and traffic to your website.

Remember, only post high-quality answers that are helpful and relevant to the question that you are answering.

If you waste people’s time and post spam, this technique will not work.

Set yourself a goal, for example, try to answer 3 questions on Quora per week (or more if you have enough time).

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