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During installation the 777 permission of config file ,does not make the file writable

This is a rare case, sometimes certain server settings may prevent the configuration file from being writable during the installation, even with 777 authority, so that you have to bypass the installation and write the configuration file manually.


Our iScripts expert programmers can install the software install for you on your web server or hosting account, the same day. When we install iScripts SocialWare for you, this package includes uploading program files and images with the actual configuration, followed by the script configuration. The file is programmed with the information that you and your web host provider to us. We even create all the necessary program directories on your server. Then we will upload all the images, all the settings and the program files to the directories. We will set the correct permissions on the files for proper server operation and then test the program and features to make sure that it runs properly on your server. 

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