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What are the methods for user activation in iScripts Socialware?    

After users sign up for the network, the user or site admin must activate their account depending on the method chosen by the site owner. User activation on iScripts SocialWare is quite simple. For user activation, there are 3 options.

            a. Automatic activation

            b. Activation by email

            c. Manual activation (by admin).

The admin has full control of the members and networks. The Admin can set any of these settings in the -> Settings tab under the -> Admin Settings then click on -> Manage Settings choose the -> User Activation Type. The site administrator can then determine which method best fits the network’s needs. ‘Automatic activation’ is a choice; however, it is not recommended. ‘Manual activation’ is a good choice; however, if the site is growing very quickly, this method can be very time consuming for the site administrator because they will have to activate each individual user. ‘Activation by email’ is the most common or preferred method. The admin also has the ability to delete any of the members’ albums or files that were posted. Also, the admin can fully delete a member’s profile if they are inactive, no longer paid members, violating privacy rights, spamming the community, abusing other members, etc...

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