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Why do users need an email ID to send a gift?    

iScripts SocialWare has a special feature where users can send real or virtual gifts to other users. The script allows the user to send gifts only to members of the site. The email ID is used to verify if the sender and recipient of the gift are both members of the same website. For example, if a member of the site tries to send a gift to a friend that is not a member, the script will not work properly. This is intended for privacy as well as security purposes. The gifts will also be displayed under the ‘gift showcase’ tab of the user’s profile.

The gifts can only be purchased if the site owner enables payment methods or virtual money if the payment is not available. iScripts SocialWare has many features in place that were developed for security purposes or a privacy feature in order to properly protect the site owner. Another great feature available on iScripts SocialWare is the ability for the site owner to sell various products to users on the site.

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