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Where I can download the iScripts Quick Start Product Guides?    

The iScripts Quick Start Product Guides for each of our products are downloadable at: http://

If you need additional help, you can refer to the ‘Additional Support’ section within the iScripts Quick Start Guide.

When you purchase any of our products, they also include an installation guide. Carefully read through the manual and follow the steps to install the product. If you still need additional assistance, we do offer an installation service for an additional fee. This extra fee of $49.95 includes everything that you need to get your site up and running. We will configure the script for you, upload the program files, setup the images, and then test the software for you.

Here at iScripts, we are proud of the fact that every product is a standalone solution. In order to have an appealing or functional site, you do not need any extras. You can make changes or modifications at any point in time to the site since the software is open source. These changes can be made by your own programmer or you can request a custom quote by sending an email to with all of your website’s requirements.

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