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Where can I use iScripts Multicart?


iScripts Multicart is a multi-seller shopping cart that can be used to create your own online virtual mall or marketplace to sell products (physical products or digital products) from different sellers. It is very viable in niche markets that have sellers with small volume or lack the resources to create and market their own store for just themselves. An example would be handmade items (like You, the Site Administrator, control the primary marketing. Individual sellers can also promote their product and seller pages. Product fulfillment would be handled by the individual sellers. Website administrators generate revenue from commissions from the sales. The commission is set by you on the Admin side of your website. To learn how these settings work, see the demo located here: and use it in conjunction with the iScripts MultiCart Quick Start Guide which can be found here:


Once you have a domain and hosting provider, the software can be installed on your server. If you are not familiar with this process, we can handle the process for you. Have questions? Call 1-800-569-5538


IScripts MultiCart can be used to setup a marketplace or if you already have an ecommerce site, iScripts MultiCart offers you additional features and capabilities for an online store. Typically, there are two models that iScripts MultiCart can follow based on the site owner’s choice. iScripts MultiCart can either be setup similar to Etsy or Amazon Marketplace. The Etsy Model charges sellers to list their products monthly and the site owner is not in the center of the transaction but, if a transaction goes wrong, the site owner may have to backtrack to assist with the problem later on. The second model or the Amazon Marketplace Model is where the buyers directly send their payments to the marketplace, then a shipping order is sent for record keeping. The marketplace then sends the seller their payments every month minus a commission. This route is slightly more time consuming. The platform allows you to extend your site to many vendors with a range of possibilities. iScripts MultiCart includes a number of features such as multi-currency or multi-lingual capability, unlimited users, products, or categories, multiple payment gateways, various forms of shipping, an affiliate program, email templates, customizable layouts, and more. See the product page at if you would like to see what else iScripts MultiCart has to offer.

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