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What kind of pictures should I include with my profile?    

You should have several pictures of you included on your profile. Try and have a few pictures that display the unique person that you are. Also, use the most clear, high quality images that you can find.

Here are some tips for posting a successful picture:

1. Make sure that you are making eye contact with the camera in the photo.

2. Check the camera angle of the photo. Surprisingly, cheesy webcam photos are actually
successful in online dating.

3. It’s okay to show a little skin, but do not go overboard. You should include a good balance of photos. Also, dress as you normally would, don’t dress up just for an online dating photo.

4. Smile! It has been proven that women who are smiling in their photos have been more
successful. However, men’s photos are more effective when they look away and are not actually smiling.

5. Change up the context. Show that you are social or well-traveled. The things that you are doing in your profile photo may have a lasting effect on the number of connections that you make.

To add, edit, or delete pictures, you should click on the ‘My Photos’ option under the ‘Edit Profile’ tab of the main menu.

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