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There is a database update issue on the 64 bit server.    

If the user or admin cannot save data to the system or if the saved info is not being displayed, here are a few settings to make sure are turned on or they may need to be adjusted. Please try the following steps:

1. Login to the remote desktop.

2. Next, go to ‘IIS’.

3. Go to ‘Application Pools’.

4. Choose a domain and website name.

5. Then, go to ‘Advance Settings’ (On right click).

6. Mark 32 bit as ‘True’.

7. Set ‘Manage Pipeline’ mode to ‘Integrated’.

8. Go to admin/cms.mdb and give write permission to the user.

Now, try updating the data on the system and save the new information. If it is still not working and the data is not updating, please contact our support department by sending an email to or you can contact us via live chat for further assistance.

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