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Please advise if your script allows for hotel owners to regsiter their own details on the website rather than relying on admin to input them? I want hotel owners to be able to manage and receive inquiries from their listings not have admin involved.    

The hotel owner is assumed to be the admin with the way the script is configured. There is no way to enter hotel details from the user side.

Feel free to try out the free full live demo of iScripts ReserveLogic. You can view the demo as a user or a site administrator to experience the software from each viewpoint. You can find the iScripts ReserveLogic demo here:

If you would like to modify the online booking software script in order to better fit your business
model, we can help you to do so. iScripts ReserveLogic is unencrypted, open source software so you can make these changes at any point in time. Contact our project managers by sending an email to or you can give us a call at (312) 423-6728.

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